Rain is gold

rain is gold
Made in Canva

The rain finally came after a long heatwave period. Rain is gold when it’s been hot for so long. It’s really refreshing. I was out in the rain when it came pouring down, twice. Of course, I had an umbrella and wellies on but I still got wet. I went out when it started raining so I was well prepared. I loved it. It’s better getting wet by water and not sweat. Now it’s about 21 celsius which is nice. This is what normal summer tempature is like in Finland. Even people who like heat must admit rain is needed sometime. Weather is something you can’t change. We just have to live with it.

I love rain and I don’t mind going out. But sometimes I’m just too lazy to do so. I found this old post about “What to do when it’s raining but you don’t feel like going out” It’s from July 8, 2015. I never get bored if the weather is bad because I find things to do. The rain is coming down again so I better go and have a look. I’m always happy when it rains and that’s gold.

If you can’t find a story to read, write your own

Made with Canva. Photo from Pixabay.

What indulgence means to me is making up stories for my own pleasure. I love writing fan fiction. In English only. I have a lot of ideas but they all don’t become stories. I used to read other people’s stories but sometimes I didn’t find any interesting enough. So I began writing them myself. If you can’t find a story to read, write your own. I guess the same goes for blogging. I wanted to write things I like. It’s just a bonus someone else likes them too.

Most of my fiction is about people who exist. But I don’t write about them. It’s a made-up story. It’s just the names that are the same. Maybe some fact too but it’s nothing personal. I’ve written fanfiction about movie characters but my main interest is real person fiction. If someone finds them offensive it’s not really my problem. It’s just harmless fun. You should do things that make you happy and writing fanfiction is mine. I haven’t had any complains so far. I only write them for fun and I won’t make a profit of them. Sometimes you just need an escape from the real world.

I also write fiction because they have improved my English. I’m not a book reader so reading other people’s fan fiction is my thing. Writing is something I enjoy so why stop? I have quite a vivid imagination. I’ve noticed I don’t really know how to write nice characters. They always have some kind of anger issue, if you can call it that. Or telling others what to do. But that’s because my muses usually give me thoughts like that. Oops, revealed too much 😀 You know a writer never tells their secrets to others. At least not me. If I don’t write fanfiction, I write poems. Ideas just come naturally to me when it comes to imagination. I wish I could use that skill in other things in life.

I can find inspiration from anywhere or anything. Like yesterday I saw a title on a forum and it gave me ideas for a story. An idea only though. I got so much inspiration so it feels like there is no time to write them all down. I have to think about the real life too, you know. I hardly end the stories I write because I get bored and then I make up new stories. There needs to be a special feeling when I write and when there isn’t I get writer’s block. I guess it’s the same with blogging. If I don’t have the feeling to write something then I don’t write at all. Or then I’m just tired and I don’t want to think. That’s why writing will remain a hobby for me. And what a fun hobby it is.

“Shaken not stirred?”

green cocktail

“Do I look like I give a damn?” – James Bond in Casino Royale

I’m a girl and I love James Bond movies, so what? It’s nothing to be shaken about. I like a lot of stuff girls don’t usually do. Like watching sport. Not football though because I find it boring. I watch sport for the interests and not because of some player or athlete. The same with James Bond. I see them as movies with a lot of action. I’ve heard girls say they don’t like it because of the way Bond treats women. It’s true in the old movies, girls were written as helpless but that’s how it was at the time. Women got a lot more to do in later years. If that’s the reason you don’t like Bond movies, then you don’t know much about them. If action is just not your thing, then I fully understand why you don’t like them. It’s true the movies probably have become a lot more violent and the storylines are weak but they still shake my soul.

I’ve seen every Bond movie ever made. Some even more than once. My all-time favourite Bond is Sean Connery and Daniel Craig the second. There’s always a lot of talk about who should play Bond. Some even suggested it could be a woman. Sorry but I don’t see it. If she acted like Bond, she would be called a prostitute. It’s not my opinion, it’s the society. Females are not supposed to act like men and if they did, they would be called easy. It would just be really weird if Bond was a woman, that’s all.
Before Daniel Craig decides he would do Bond again, there all kinds of rumours circled around in the media which actor would play Bond next. It included Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba. Just because someone looks good in a suit doesn’t mean that role would suit them. I think both of them declined anyway. Thank for that. It should still be a British actor because why break tradition? Why should it even be an actor people already know? Someone new is always welcome. Either way, some will never be satisfied. There’s always someone who judges the decision before the actor has even hit the big screen.

Other option would be to stop making these Bond movies altogether. Maybe one day they will because nothing lasts forever. As long as they have ideas the movies will grow. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy each one of them. Once something has shaken my soul, it will stay there forever. I could watch Bond movies over and over again without getting bored. Especially the ones with Daniel Craig because I have them on DVD. Not just the movies but also the behind-the-scenes footages. You can learn a lot about moviemaking when you watch those. It’s very interesting stuff. At least for me. James Bond is forever.