Having a blast by myself

Made in Canva

I like doing things by myself. I don’t need a lot of people around me. In fact, other people stress me out. I like having a blast by myself. It might sound boring for some but so is partying in my opinion. I hate all the noise and talking nonsense. That’s just not my thing and it has never been. When I’m around people, waiting to go home as soon as possible is my thing. Other people expect for you to be social and if you don’t speak, they say you’re anti-social. Like that’s a bad thing. I just don’t want to waste my time on something I don’t care about or want to do. It’s better to be alone than being with the wrong people. If you want to be with someone, you’ll never get the chance to be with that person because they live in another country or they already have someone to be with. Or they won’t like you the way you like them. You just have to accept it and try to think about something else than the company of another human being. There are other things to think about.

I go to the movies by myself because then you can concentrate on the movie. Even staying there until the end credits without having that other person to get irritated. I take bike rides alone. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to but not many want to take long bike trips. I used to do that with my mother when she was still alive. But now I only go by myself. I can cycle in my own pace and stop whenever I want. It’s really relaxing to be around silence. Yesterday I took one of this trips. It wasn’t long but still. It was to an outdoor museum where they have horses and sheep. There were some people there but it was still silent. A lot of beautiful colours on the trees and blue sky with sunshine. Here are some photos.

Nature has always been one of the greatest things in Finland. When tourist wonder why we want distance they should really experience this side of our country and then they might understand why.

Taking it easy is my kind of a blast. I think better when I’m alone. I tried to write out on the balcony one of my fictions but there was too much noise from the traffic so I always write inside. If someone kept talking I couldn’t concentrate. It different when I’m listening to music. Actually, I’m even more motivated when the music blasts in the background. Or since I listen to Spotify on my laptop, at the front. Not only when I write fiction but also when I write this blog. I get more distracted if the neighbours are coming or going from their flat. Or noise from the outside. All the small sounds irritate me but not the loud ones. Except if it’s the neighbour’s loud stereos where it doesn’t sound like music at all. Or the people shouting when they talk to each other. I can listen to music quite loud but still, I can concentrate. Sometimes I’m so in my thoughts I don’t even hear it’s being loud.

For some doing things alone can be difficult but for me, it’s in my nature. I never feel totally lonely even if sometimes it can feel like that. Some have a blast with other people but I’m having a blast by myself. You don’t necessarily need big things to have a blast. If pets get excited from a toy and kids get excited about something new they’ve learned. Adults should be able to have a blast from the small things in life too.


I wanted color but they gave me black

colourful shirts hanging on a rack
Made in Canva

It’s getting darker outside earlier and earlier. But what kind of color are clothes? Black of course. It doesn’t make any sense. When it’s dark outside, your clothes should have color. A lot of people wear dark clothes because that’s what the clothing stores are full of. In a country like Finland, our clothes should be in color this time of year. I tried to find a jacket for Autumn but all I did find was black ones. I wanted color but they gave me black. There was one in yellow but that’s not my color. I had to settle for a black one that I found online. Clothes don’t need to be bright colors but at least something besides black. I like wearing black like most people but I also want to wear something with color. Finns are probably too shy to wear colorful clothes so they dress like everyone else. Especially men. How about wearing blue for a change or any of those decent colors. And I don’t mean that blue you find in jeans. Maybe they should get that dress sense first. Some of the Finnish men seem to never have looked at fashion in their whole life. You don’t have to follow fashion but looking in the mirror once in a while shouldn’t be so hard.

Color makes life less dull. It lifts peoples spirit. There is a lot of color in the trees and fallen leaves on the ground. So there is color above and below. Today I went on a short bike trip and I should have taken my camera with me. I didn’t think I would need it but it was so beautiful so it was a shame I didn’t take it with me. I should go and take photos of nature’s color before all the leaves fall off the trees. We had nice and warm weather and it will continue a few days so it’s much nicer to photograph. There’s always tomorrow. When all the leaves have fallen and the leaves rotten it gets dull again. You should take the opportunity while the beauty lasts because the next day all the colors could be gone. It’s all gonna be black and grey after that because people don’t dress in color when they should. It’s not really nature that makes things look dull in the winter. It’s the people who are afraid to look different from the rest. Or maybe it’s the fashion designers?

Color is not only in clothes and nature, but it can also be in a personality. It doesn’t have to be someone who does wild things. Like doing drugs or party hard. A colorful person can be someone who you never have a dull moment with. They have an opinion they’re not afraid to say out loud. Madonna is a person like that. She’s never been afraid to be different. She has proven many times that a woman can be whatever she wants to. There are many females who have succeeded in a man’s world. Actually, the whole world is colorful. If everyone would look the same and be the same, the world would be dull. Everyone needs color. If you don’t see color with your own eyes, at least have color in your mind. You just have to find it yourself.

Ragabash – The wolf

howling wolf front of moon

Looking through the internet for the word ragabash I found out it’s a roleplaying game but also someone has drawn a picture of a wolf that looks like a character in a horror movie. Now wolfs are a bit of a scary thing for Finns. Some think wolfs attack humans for no reason. As soon as people see one they want to shoot it. I’ve never seen a wolf in nature, only in a zoo. No wild animal attack humans without a reason. It’s just a myth. When there were no TV people made up stories. It’s an urban myth that wolfs are dangerous to humans. Only if their provoked or the animals is sick. It’s more dangerous to walk across the street than get killed by a wolf. Any wild animal for that matter. Even big dogs that run free can attack you.

People build their homes in a middle of nowhere and they complain wild animals are taking over their territory. The wild animals were there first. If you’re scared of wild animals, you shouldn’t move to a place like that in the first place. People don’t seem to know how to put themselves in the animals place. If someone tried to threaten you, would you just stand there or offend yourself? Humans are like animals. We all want to protect our loved ones from harm or ourselves. As soon as you see a wolf or any other wild animal, you should let it be. If a wild animal enters humans territory it’s only because people have come too close. And if you leave food close by it will attract unwanted company. It seems people have lost all contact with nature so they don’t know how to behave.

It’s quite often Finns are warned of wolfs coming too close to where humans live. There’s a lot of unnecessary hysteria which is a bit too much. People are teaching their kids to be scared and that’s not the way. Wild animals are always dangerous and they should never be taken for granted. They won’t become pets because they will always have that wild instinct in them. I find wolfs fascinating and they’re really underrated. If I saw one in nature I wouldn’t be afraid because I wouldn’t disturb them. I’m more afraid of dogs than of wolfs. Like any other wild animals, they hunt for food. A shame people believe more in myths than in facts. If a wolf is attacking a human or a pet, shooting a wolf is self-defence. But if you only see one, shooting is wrong. If that the only reason, then it’s just a stupid reason. I find that so ridiculous. There’s no need for hysteria. Too much is always too much.