So many movies so little money

An old post for one year ago. Just testing the reblog thing. Not good 😛

I saw every movie in the theater except Paddington. That I saw online.

In my world

So 2015 started and a new year is here. So what to do. See movies of course. In a movie theater/cinema to be precise. I don’t go that often because in recent years there haven’t been movies I’ve wanted to see. I usually went a few times a year. It’s also quite expensive. I don’t really fancy being in the theater. There’s always something disturbing. Someone talking or someone rustling with their candy bags. Just other people basically. Also quite irritating that people are rushing out after the movie theater like there’s a fire somewhere. I always stay to the end.

Last year I went 4 times which is quite rare. But they were movies I wanted to see. (Guardians of the galaxy, Into to the storm and The Hobbit (twice) ) I only pay for a ticket for a movie that are worth my time and it’s always in…

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One year ago

I started with ‘One Line Sunday‘ It feels like forever. I don’t know if that has been a success but I only started it because I was lazy. Still are. But at least I’ve kept going with it.

Unlike this whole blog thing. Even if I have had time, I haven’t had the motivation to write here. I have things written in the drafts but I haven’t finished them. Maybe one day. That’s a big MAYBE.

Thanks for sticking around even if I haven’t posted that much. Please do continue to follow.