Things I regret

sun in the horizon
Made in Canva

Things I regret

I regret the day when my mother said no one cares she was sick but I never told her I did
I regret the day when I visited her at the hospice and I left because of the bus schedule
I regret that I didn’t stay overnight at the hospice to be by her side until her last day
But what is done is done and you can’t turn back time

I regret I wasn’t active in the summer job search and now it could have been useful
I regret I gave up too easily in 2001 when I studied photography
I regret standing up for myself when some people were mean
But what is done is done and you can’t turn back time

I don’t regret starting this blog even if sometimes I don’t get attention
I don’t regret writing fan fiction about real people
I don’t regret living my life the way I want
What is done is done and you can’t turn back time because this one I don’t regret

Sick and tired

blue pills spilt from a glass
Made in Canva

Sick and tired

Sick and tired of selfish people
Sick and tired of people who don’t care
Sick and tired of noisy neighbours
Sick and tired of racism
Sick and tired of narcissism
Sick and tired of sexism
Sick and tired of celebs who think they all that
Sick and tired of negative comments online
Sick and tired of people who litter
Sick and tired of smoking fools
Sick and tired of people who only think black and white
Sick and tired of repeating myself when I talk
Sick and tired of ignorant people who think they know it all
But most of all I’m sick and tired of not be able to do anything about it alone

It’s your fault

cracked paint
Made in Canva

It’s your fault

I blame you for the things I think about

Since I saw you I haven’t had a clear thought

Do you even know what you do?

It doesn’t matter how you try to change

It’s your fault I feel this way

I compare others with you which is wrong

There is something about you but I don’t know what

I try to think about someone else but fail

It’s your fault I can’t get over you

Don’t take it as a compliment because it’s not

I would be better off but you keep coming back

Maybe it’s my fault for not looking away

But you got a hold on me so I blame you instead