Bleary mind

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Bleary mind

I have a bleary mind

But my mind has nothing to say

The Queen is gone, but I’m not

I only have a break from things

So much else to do

But I’m not sorry

Good things come for those who wait

I have a bleary mind at the moment

But that feeling won’t be here forever

Thunderous before the calm

dark clouds on the sky
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Thunderous before the calm

Feeling thunderous inside and you want to scream
But you don't want to make people wonder
Thunderous before the calm
You try not to say it out loud
Keep it inside and hope the feeling goes away
So many things can make you mad
Thunderous before the calm

You can write down your thunderous feels
It's better than keep it all inside
Thunderous before the calm
Some things are just there
Be calm and let the thunderous go by

My plate is empty

white plate
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My plate is empty

Tried so many things

I worked hard, mentally

Never got anything on a plate

Some people get more luck

My plate is empty

Maybe I should give up

Live in welfare

My plate is empty

I’m plain and have no glamour

Thought I was fine in what I do

No one wants to give me a chance

My plate is empty

But I’m strong and I can get over it

It’s not a big deal

I find joy in small things

My plate is empty

Don’t worry, I will get by somehow