Built a bastion around me

Fortress in Kajaani, Finland 2010

Built a bastion around me

I built myself a bastion around me

Past experiences have made me careful

I built a bastion around me so I would get less hurt

Get out of your shell but it just makes me want to build it higher

It takes a special person to break down my walls

I built a bastion to keep people away

Once you lost a trust it hard to get it back

Don’t treat people like dirt or they build a bastion of their own

Broken for a moment

broken window

Broken for a moment

I never have broken any bones, just a fracture

But I was broken for a moment when you went away

I know you wanted me to move on

I was broken for a moment

It wasn’t despair but your death was a shock

You were sick and you knew you wouldn’t survive

I was broken for a moment but now I feel good

I miss you every day but it was for the better

I was broken for a moment but I moved on

You might be there somewhere to look after me

I was broken for a moment but look, mum, I survived

Guilty of loving you

heart shape cuffs rose

Guilty of loving you

You’re my guilty pleasure but I’m not ashamed

I’m only guilty of loving you

I think about you day and night

I’m not in love but love is what I feel

You got that something but I can’t explain what

I wish you would want me the way I do

But you’re somewhere else and not here

I’m guilty of loving you so arrest me

If you only knew how crazy I am about you

No one has ever made me feel this way

You give me thoughts no one else does

If you don’t already know I’m guilty of loving you both