Trying no to flare up about misfortunes

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Life is full of disappointments, I once wrote on this blog. I try not to flare up when it comes to misfortunes. But sometimes you need to rant about it. I didn’t get the internship that I went for an interview. At least I don’t think so because they never did inform me. They could have at least bothered to tell me. I can’t understand why employers can’t tell the applicants about the results. A no is better than no answer at all. Since there was no reply last week I assume it’s a lost cause. Just as well. The other interns were much younger than me. It wasn’t even a paid job. But that would have been better than nothing. Well, their loss. Looking on the bright side, I can concentrate on my school assignments. It still blows I didn’t get the internship though. It seems I can’t even get free work. It feels like all the educations I’ve had is all unnecessary. I don’t know why I even bother studying anything. I should get work experience but no one gives you a chance. That’s a problem for the young and the older job seekers.

You’re either too young or too old. Even someone over 40 is old for most employers. What are they worried about? They don’t want to babysit or boss their mothers? Job search is a pain and it gets worse the longer you are unemployed. All this propaganda about how to find work doesn’t help. People can give you millions of advice but none of them will help your cause. The job search has become a competition. Is not what kind of education you have, it’s about who you know. It helps if you’re an outgoing and a-happy-go-lucky-really- social person. If you’re not, then there are troubles ahead. After so many disappointments you lose hope of finding any work. You start to think there is something wrong about you. But it isn’t. It’s the job search that is rotten. Employers are too afraid to take risks. It frustrates me when these 30 years something praise how they got a job after a job search in 6 months. That’s nothing, try 10 or more years and then praise it. It’s so easy to brag about your good luck when others struggle for years.

I’ve been to these job search and resume courses but none of them has helped to find me a job. The only thing I got was something to do and once I found an education I applied to (it was the web design education) That didn’t help either to get a job. There is no point applying for any job because I’m gonna get rejected anyway. If I can’t even get this internship without pay, then how can I get a paid one. I’m actually so fed up with this all. I know I should think positive but it’s hard since nothing ever happens. I could just go to sleep and pray for death. Not really though. In a way, I understand people who don’t even want to look for a job. Job search is hard and you get emotionally drained about the whole process. But I wouldn’t want to live all my life on social benefits. My parent taught me better than that. If I had the courage I would become an entrepreneur at this instant but that has its disadvantages too. Feeling unwanted is one of the worst feelings but you just have to continue living. At least I have other things to do. Or else this unemployment would take harder to bear.

New year, new m.. meh, why bother

New year is so overrated. Things won’t change. The world will still be crazy. It’s getting more ridiculous each year. Maybe it’s not the world, it’s the people in it. No one really cares except those that only care about themselves. It has become a Me, Me, Me world. As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter how things are with others. There are people who doesn’t have better things to do than follow other people’s lives. Mostly celebrities lives. Who really cares what they do or who they date etc. Why don’t these nosy people get a life. Tumblr is full of these people. The scum of the world. I don’t know what’s more sickening, a child molester or a nosy “fan” who wants to know everything about a celebrity. Just because they’re in the public eye (some more than others) doesn’t mean their private life are a concern to others.

New years resolutions are a waste of time. How can you become a better person if you’re already are one. Why should you try to change yourself just because its new year. It’s new every time. Why not make a resolution some other day. Like in June. Why even do resolutions anyway. You’re gonna break them anyway so what’s the point.
That’s one of the reasons I don’t make any. I’m not gonna promise something I won’t keep. I’m not gonna lie to myself or other’s. Besides life too short to nitpick.

I’m not gonna plan anything. If you don’t expect any, you won’t get disappointed. Live for a day and go where life takes you. Or nowhere in my case. The only thing I know what I’m gonna do is finally seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens next Thursday. I got movie tickets for Christmas so 3 more movies to see. Then there’s Sherlock and The Blacklist is back from hiatus. In entertainment the year will be good. Other stuff, meh.

So have a happy 2016. Or at least try to be.

When social media gets annoying

This post will contain some strong language!





Almost everybody uses social media today. Especially younger people. They walk around with their smart phones and play with them. It seems they can’t go anywhere without it. I’ve seen people walking on the street with their phones in their hands. They hardly look where they’re going. What’s even more dangerous is those that cycle with their mobiles in their faces. One day they will get to an accident. Maybe they have a death wish.

Since when has social media become so important? They can’t even go without internet when they go outside. People are more concerned about their mobiles than their own safety. The only time I’m on the internet is on the computer. I don’t need to be online all the time. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t own a smart phone. The other reason is the small screens on them. I don’t understand why people even bother using the internet on them. Even typing is a pain. Sometimes I use my dad’s phone and it just irritates me. It’s much easier to surf on the net with a computer.

I’ve used Twitter for 6 years and have only posted 5000 tweets during that time. Facebook since 2007. For me social media is a lonely business. You never know if anybody really cares. People post a lot of nonsense. I really don’t want to know everything they do. I only post when I have something to say. Not to fill my status list. I mainly use Facebook for news and from time to time take part in conversations on fan sites.

Then there are those that brag about how many followers they got. Especially on Tumblr. I don’t give a damn about how many you got. That doesn’t make you any special. Most of them are probably not even interested what you post. Who wants to know when you went to the toilet or what you ate for breakfast. They just there because they know how to click on a Follow button. No one cares if you got 10 000 or more followers. Didn’t your parents love you enough so you have to substitute them with people you’ll never know personally? That’s all we need, another wannabe celebrity, you attention whore. It would be different if your actually did something special to earn that celebrity status. With posting on social media is not a way to become one. You get more attention if you ran naked in front of a big crowd. Also called ‘Glory hunters’. Only want to become famous because it’s so “glamorous” A pain in the ass more like it. Even a less educated person should understand being famous is not a walk in the park.

These days it’s more of rule then an exception that actors and such join the social media. It’s a good way of informative fans of what they’re doing professionally. But they are not like these nobodies (ordinary people) that post everything they do. Not everyone even tweet or use Facebook everyday. That’s something ordinary people should take an example off. You shouldn’t even post where you’re travelling to. But people still do it. Maybe it’s just so easy to use social media to tell people where they’re going. That’s also bragging. “Look where I am going. Ha haa and you have to stay at home. Jealous much”- kind of attitude. Of course we’re jealous but no need to rub it in you selfish jackass.

Luckily not everyone use social media and people who do should respect that. You can keep in touch with people without having to be online. If everybody had Facebook or Twitter, no one would know how to talk to people face to face. Human contact is more important than electronic devices in your face. Now get out there and discover the world. Like Gandalf said

“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there”

In this case, the internet. Gadgets come and go but a human touch is forever.