Weekly Writing Challenge: Three Ways to Go Gonzo

I don’t really get this task. But here it goes. Sorry if I got it all wrong.

When the language barrier strikes

It’s summer in 2008. Me and my parents are in Germany on holiday. We travelled there by a cruising ship. We’ve have been driving with our car from Rostock to the island of Binz and back again. We’ve seen Lübeck and Bremen. Slept on hotels in Hannover and Berlin. The weather has been hot and sunny. So far we’ve managed with English. Most Germans speak it fluently.

Now we’re back to Rostock. The next day we would leave the country by the same cruising ship we arrived with. Rostock seems like a nice little city. Me and mum are walking down the shopping street. Dad is walking somewhere behind us. It’s a hot day and we decide to buy ice cream. There’s a lot of people around. In front of an restaurant, they sell ice cream. An older lady is selling them. Mum and me go there. There’s a board where it says what it costs and what kind of flavors they have. Since I can speak a few words of German, I try my luck.

“Ein Eis” I say but the lady don’t get it

“What, it was wrong?” I think to myself

I try English but it doesn’t seem to get through either.

“OK, I just point then” I think and so I show her

Finally she gets it and gives me an ice cream in a cone. I pay for it and we leave.
What I learned from this trip. All Germans don’t speak English and body language always works.


(I don’t remember if it exactly happened that way. But it’s all true)