This is not an error, it’s my life

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First some bad news. I wrote about this education and now I know the result.

I applied to employment training in digital marketing and e-commerce just to have a plan and because I’m interested in it. It’s a long way to that and I don’t even know if I get in the course.

Published on June 27, 2019

I didn’t even get an interview so that was a waste of time. I could have started something but now I’m a bit down. I guess when I apply to an education where you need to explain why you want to be in the education I don’t get a chance. Not always but most of the time. I don’t know why it took so long for them to decide. I applied in June and I don’t even get to the interview. That really makes a person feel unwanted. I could have done something else besides waiting. Deep inside I knew I wouldn’t get in. It was a far-fetched anyway. I could get that knowledge elsewhere. I’ve already tried to study digital marketing on Google but I didn’t pass the test. In the education I applied to was an internship involved which is probably the only reason I applied. Now I don’t get that either.

I don’t why I bother doing anything. My plans all fail anyway. It’s really difficult to keep the motivation going when you feel you’re not succeeding. Never give up they say but how can you be positive when life kicks you in the exhaust. Over and over again. You get an error not once but several times. You feel everyone else does things much better than you. You don’t get over that feeling no matter how people try to put positive thoughts in your head. Many times you see how people have succeeded even if they’ve failed. But I don’t think I feel that lucky. I’m probably had so many drawbacks I’m too afraid to start anything. Maybe if I was in my 20’s I could have better chances but you can’t go back in time. I don’t mean it’s too late but now it’s much harder. Some things just make it too impossible. Some people look at other people on social media and feel depressed about how they look. I look at people’s skills and I feel depressed how bad my skills are. Maybe not bad but I’m insecure about them. I don’t think I get any better no matter how much I practice.

Looking on the bright side. My life is not an error. In some things, I feel secure. Like in writing. I’m good at that and I feel confident in it. I don’t get paid for it but still, it gives me satisfaction. If I did get paid for it, it probably would feel forced. Having it as a hobby, I don’t get stressed and I can write about things I want to read. If I didn’t have anything my life would be much more boring. A person needs to have at least one hobby to escape reality for a while. After that, it’s much easier to cope with life.

When you have an awful day

©Mia Salminen

You wake up in the morning and feel this could be a good day. But as the day passes, you feel everything is going down the drain. You lose hope and feel useless. Today it’s one of those days to me.

Yesterday I finally picked up the courage to call the digital advertising company again about a work practise place. I had an appointment today. I didn’t meet the person I were suppose to but I talked to someone else though. To make the story short, it’s a no can do. They’re too busy with some project so they have no time to show me anything. The person I talked to would ask the others if they could but I shouldn’t be too hopeful. Not exactly those words but still. So there goes the first one and there’s no hope for anything else either it seems. At least someone gave me a candy (for Women’s day) and then I saw a famous Finnish actor who sometimes appear in their videos.

The practise is suppose to begin next week but I have nothing. This really sucks. It was also no can do in the photography thing. Then I went to a another advertising company to ask. The same thing.
They say you shouldn’t give up but this is draining. I won’t find anything. I hate repeating everything. This is not for a paid job, it’s only practise for crying out loud. You don’t need to hold my hand. I’m not helpless. I can learn by watching. But it’s not really my fault. If they don’t have time or they already have someone than it’s their loss. At least that’s what I have to think to feel better.

If that wasn’t enough. We had a practise job interview in the career coaching course. I came to realise I’ll fail in real ones. I did get good tips about how to improve but I’m no talker. I don’t give long answers. I’m not a quick thinker either. Especially when it comes to past job experiences. I don’t remember exactly so of course there’s gonna be long pauses. My weakness is I can think inside my head but when I’m suppose to say it out loud, the words disappear. If the job interviewer wants a talkative person, they better find someone else. That’s not me. I prefer action to talk.

Days like these shouldn’t exist. Things should go the way you want. If they did, I wouldn’t feel so disappointed. Tomorrow is a better day. I hope.