To the moon and back

3 moons reflection
3 moons. ©Mia Salminen

To the moon and back

I’m going to the moon with a spoon

There I’m gonna jump up and down with a gown

I’m going to the moon and back with a sack

Filling it with sand with my bare hand

I have a spoon but I’m on the moon and it acts like a balloon

I’m going alone but if you want to join you have to give me a coin

Going to the moon and back but then I realise it’s only a dream attack


This poem rhyme

rhyme timeThis poem rhyme

This poem rhyme and it’s not a crime

If you want to sue I won’t give you a dime

Rhythm is the key and not how you feel

This poem rhyme and it might not be fine

I hope you like it and don’t try to fight it

There are different ways to write a poem

Some are dark, some are light and some are a big fight

This poem rhyme but I have no time

It ends here but have no fear

I’ll be back and write more until I’m sore

Bye for now and see you later some other time