What a hell are you doing, stupido?

Am I really watching The Blacklist or is it a dream?! No it is true. Otherwise I wouldn’t be remembering all this. I thought this was a crime show but now it is turning into a soap opera. Last nights ( watched it today) episode was good. I was very pleased afterwards. Except when Tom called Liz (again) asking for her help. No way should she help you, you pathetic jackass 😛 Then I saw the promo to the next episode. That was utterly disappointing. This is where the soap opera begins. OK, it’s just a promo. It doesn’t tell what is actually gonna be about.

The writers are trying to make this affair with Liz and Tom some kind of “please take me back” crap. No, no, NO. Not this. It’s sickening. She should not give him another chance.

“You (Tom) killed lot of people but that’s OK. I don’t mind. You’re childhood wasn’t good but you didn’t know better when you joined that criminal group (or whatever it is) Oh poor you. I’ll make it better. I forgive you, kiss kiss”

It’s obvious the writer’s are men. If it was written by a woman, it would look different. Liz should be angry at Tom but it’s seems she doesn’t stay angry for long. Those phone calls with him proved it. Why are they making her this weak woman who can’t make up her mind? If she’s gonna forgive him, then she really is stupid. The same with Tom. He should remain bad and not become the wuss he was before. But it seems the writer’s are desperate to keep the Tom story alive. Do they think they will gain more female viewers by making him lovable? As much I like Ryan Eggold (and his hotness 😉 ) his character is getting annoying.  If he stays, he could at least keep up with his manipulating persona and hurt Liz feelings even more. Or they should just kill him off. But that wuss, I do not want to see ever again. That annoyed me in the first place. I don’t know if I really look forward to the next episode. Especially seeing the promo where (yuck) Tom and Liz kiss. That’s so wrong is so many ways. “Let’s start over” Yeah, let’s forget all the lies and people you killed. Let’s just forget everything that had happened and start over. Meh, I really hope it’s just a plot. Or he’s just in denial.

I don’t understand why there are people who want those 2 together. They must be mental. Or they don’t see the difference between the actor or the character. So the Tom had a picture of the baby they were gonna adopt. That’s not sweet, it’s pathetic. Then this “he still loves her” crap. Someone that has never experienced love, can’t know what it really is. Maybe care but not love. I can see right through you. There’s only one thing he loves and that’s himself. As long he’s safe, nothing else matters to him. I don’t know why some viewers doesn’t see that. Maybe they got distracted by that shirtless scene a few episodes ago. But that doesn’t fool me.

This show has never been realistic but for once I really hope they won’t make it a soap opera. If they are, I’m done with this show. I want that mystery back. The way it used to be. If I wanted to watch crap, I would watch some reality show instead. No offence.

(sorry if you have no idea what I’m writing about)

Tom is back

Tom Keen (The Blacklist) a matter a fact. He’s a character you love or you don’t. If you don’t, you dreaded this week’s episode. If you love, then you couldn’t wait. I belong to this group. The promos showed 2 weeks ago, he would be back. Sometimes I just hate teasers. Today the wait was over.

Some think Tom is not interesting enough but I have to disagree. It’s just getting more interesting. I guess most people only want to concentrate on the Liz/Red story. But I’m not most people. The Blacklist needs other stories too or it gets boring. Besides a lot of people like him. He might have hurt Liz’s feelings and killed an innocent man. But still people like the character. He’s still too soft though. Hello, calling the woman he hurt and being nice. No, no Tom, stop with the Liz fangirling.  I really hope Liz won’t get a moment of stupidity by going back to him. He might still have feelings for her but it should not become mutual. Going undercover in Germany doesn’t make him tough enough. Dedicated, yes but not tough. And fighting like a girl (not my words) doesn’t help either.  Referring to the latest episode T. Earl King VI
Why do people get upset if the German language wasn’t convincing? In Charlie’s Angels they spoke Finnish. Or tried to. But we just find it funny. German is not an easy language for a non-speaker to learn. I think Ryan (and the other actors in the bar scene) did a great job. At least it convinced me.

The Blacklist really brings more questions than answers. There are things that really bothers me even if it was many episodes ago. I still don’t understand in what way Tom saved her by killing the harbour master. It just got her more into trouble. How is that saving? And why did he “warn” her about Red. He would never hurt her or get her into unnecessary trouble. Unlike Tom “not bad enough” Keen. Sometimes I do dislike him. Not hate. He’s the reason I watch this (and Ryan of course)
Will be interesting to see where Tom’s new mission leads to. Won’t easy the look of it. The next episode feels like forever.