I ♥ Sherlock


And I’m not talking about BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. Even though I’ve become a fan of that show as well. I mean Sherlock Holmes in general. I’ve always been a fan of mysteries. The likes of e.g. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I’m a lazy book reader so I prefer those on TV. I’m not only watching them by just looking, I watch them to try to figure out the cases myself. That’s good practise for the brain. Since I’ve studied script writing, I see them a bit differently. A person who hasn’t studied drama might not see them the same way.

‘Clothes make the man’ the phrase says and it’s true in this case. Everyone has a different view about how Sherlock Holmes looks like. As I mentioned before in a past post , Jeremy Brett has always been “the Sherlock” for me. The smart, sophisticated and mysterious man he is. He just played it so well. Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have approved.

I grew up watching crime mysteries. It has always fascinated me. The likes of Murder, She Wrote, Matlock and Columbo. I watched them with my parents. Those TV shows had a lot of excitement and you never knew for sure who the murderers were. They were very well done. No special effect like they have these days. It was all real. I was also a big fan of MacGyver and Knight Rider. They had more car chases and stuff like that. It was another look on mystery.
More recent mystery or crime on TV is Midsomner Murders (which is still on) I used to watch that with my mother (RIP) and I still do. It’s always in 2 parts and it always ends in a cliffhanger. You have to wait for the 2nd part for a week. That’s probably why it’s popular. People always want to come back for more.

So it’s really Sherlock Holmes that started it all. So thank you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Not to forget Dame Agatha Christie. Mystery fans are very grateful.

No sh*t, Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most televised detectives in history. Also in movies. Different actors have played them. Some are bad and some are good. People have different views about how Sherlock looks like.

For me the one and only Sherlock is Jeremy Brett. He gave a face to the character. No one could ever play him better. When I see these new Sherlock’s, I feel quite disappointed. I recently watched the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and I think he’s not doing too badly. I was a bit reluctant to watch the series when it first aired on Finnish TV. Luckily I found a place where to watch them. Maybe I decided to watch it because he’s the voice of Smaug. But also because my curiousity took over. Actually I think he’s a bit young to play Sherlock. It should be called Young Sherlock instead. Now I’ve seen all the episodes (except one) so far and I must say, I warming up to it. A shame there’s not many episodes done. And this version is so funny. Sherlock is usually quite a serious character.

I haven’t seen the movies with Robert Downey Jr so I can’t say much. The most failed Sherlock is Holmes NYC. Or ‘Elementary’ as it seems to be called. And Doctor Watson is a female? What a… That’s so weird and so wrong. I don’t even know if it’s suppose the be the right Sherlock. I just can’t take that series seriously.

So my absolute favorite is Jeremy Brett and Benedict is a close 2nd. The British versions are always the best. No offence.