Jobs to do for day

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Daily writing prompt
What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

Words that came up when I thought about what I wanted to be were; pro photographer. Especially a Formula One photographer. I was a big fan of it for about 13 years. My interests have changed since then. I realised it would take years to become a pro. I didn’t want to wait that long. If there is a job I would like to be for one day, it would be a Formula One photographer. Doing sports photography isn’t easy, though. They are fast and trying to capture it; you must know how to photograph them, and I don’t.

Another job I would like to try for one day is to be on a movie set. I wouldn’t mind what job it would be. I would like to try several ones. It would be nice to follow personal assistant to actors. I wouldn’t want to do the job except if it is to keep the company of an actor or actress. But I don’t think there is a job like that. I study filmmaking, but it won’t get me a career in the movie industry. But it’s an exciting subject, which is why I am learning it.

It would be nice to try to be something I have studied for, but getting job experience in the graphic design field is under a rock. I would do it full-time and not only for a day. I guess I must live in a dream world because reality doesn’t want me to be in it.

Bore and risque at the same post

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What bores you?

Daily Prompt

Things that bore me the most is politics. I was never interested in it as a teenager, and I still don’t care. It spoils a lot of things. It even happens in sports. Other things that bore me are the same athlete and country winning, so others don’t get a chance. It happens a lot in men’s cross-country skiing and Formula One. It takes out all the fun watching the sport.

I’m not a risque person. I’m more of a bore. But at least I know how to be bored. Certain people can’t manage that. They always need something to do. That can be stressful if you can’t be bored sometimes. There must be someone who can be bored because we can’t all be exciting people. At least I go somewhere from time to time. Some people only stay at home and don’t do anything special in their life. I could never live like that. I can be bored, but I need to do something that fills my life. It might not be anything risque, but it keeps me alive.