All you need is now

Made in Canva

I’m a master of putting thing off for tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always far behind others. But why should I need to hurry? All you need is now and not what might come in the future. I rather do things later. People who stress about things have no joy in life. I never liked doing things in a hurry. It only gets me irritated. I like taking my time. If I don’t get things done then I don’t. I don’t stress about it.

A lot of people stress about Christmas. I’m not really into doing all that food and stuff like that. This year I have to stay at home. There is no Christmas cruise this time. At least not for a longer period of time. When mother was alive we used to make Christmas together. It’s not the same anymore. Even when she was around, we took the cruise because it was easier. This year it’s the first time in years, we’re home at Christmas. I haven’t even put the decorations up yet. We haven’t had a real tree in years. A small plastic tree from my grandmother is enough. Even if we were on a cruise, we still had decorations up. It feels more like Christmas then. It’s just those 3 days and then the New Year fuss begins again. Even that is different this year. There won’t be fireworks in the city. Only people who bought them. I don’t care much about that. They should ban the whole thing. Too much noise anyway.

I have put off job search for this year too. There is no joy in that. I want to do things I feel joy from and that is not it. I have had other things on my mind. One of them is helping dad at his home. He now walks with a walker and he got some exercise things to do. But maybe he’s trying to procrastinate for doing them. He will never get better if he doesn’t do them regularly. It’s not just his right hip but also his left side shoulder. I really hope he won’t keep falling over next year because it costs money to be ill. His legs are not the way they used to because of type 2 diabetes. He’s a former athlete but I guess you get lazy when you get older when it comes to exercise. Of course, now it’s much more difficult since he can’t walk the same way as before. Hell, even I don’t exercise enough recently and I’m totally healthy. Walking and cycling is my kind of exercise. I have put off with long-distances. The weather hasn’t been very pleasant recently.

I have been putting off blogging this month too. It’s probably gonna be the quietest month this year. I just haven’t had the time and joy to write anything. I have even put off writing fan fiction. I can get those things done next year because, well, there is always next year. In case I don’t blog this year anymore. Have a happy Christmas and a better 2021.

Advent Calendar, Day 21

sunset and snow on pier
Tuusula, Finland 2009

Today it’s Winter solstice which means it’s the shortest day of the year. I’ll sleep late so I don’t really see the light. From now on the days are getting longer and lighter. It also means spring is near and that’s something Finns look forward to. If you see a sulking looking person in December and a happier one in March, that’s a Finn. People is general have more enthusiasm in the spring and summer. Even me who likes the cold and the winter months. Warmth makes any person happy.

When it’s lighter outside longer, it makes you less tired. I don’t suffer from the so-called November blues. I can be tired all year around and it has nothing to do with what month it is. But summers can be tiring if it’s hot and I hate hot weather. I rather have cold and lighter days which is the reason why I like early spring. The time when it’s still winter but yet not too cold. Even better if there is snow. Snowy and sunny days are the best.

Before that this Christmas should be taken care out of the way. On the radio they play Christmas songs and complain about the stress people have. I have never understood why. If you don’t want stress, then take a trip. Don’t buy presents and if you really have to, buy online. There’s always a solution.
We always spent Christmas around the closest family. Those are the best. I feel sorry for those who have big families. You know uncles, cousins and so on. I could never imagine spending the holidays with relatives so luckily I have nothing to do with them. They have their own families. Our Christmases was always just me, my sister, parents and grandmothers. Those were the most memorable. I didn’t need anything else. Now when those days are gone, travel has been the easiest way. I’m stress free and I don’t have to think about any food, presents and things like that. We haven’t even had a real Christmas tree for years. There’s just too much fuss and not forgetting the mess. You can still have a nice Christmas without it. Decorations is a good substitute for it.

No matter how and where you’re spending your holidays, don’t stress. It’s only once a year. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cleaned up the whole household from top to bottom. No one really cares. If you don’t know what to buy to your friends and family for a present, then don’t buy anything. Spending time with your loved once are more important than spending money on junk you don’t really need. If you think presents makes Christmas than you should buy something the taker can use. Presents doesn’t need to be materialistic. There’s too much of that already. There’s so many people out there who doesn’t have anything. Donating something to charity is a good way to help. It makes other people happy and also a happy feeling for you. Helping the less fortunate is the greatest present you ever get.







Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words

Longing for freedom

Have you ever wished you could just get away? Not from this life, from the life you’re living. Do you wish you could just go somewhere to collect your thoughts? Just for a moment.

Everyone feels stressed once in a while. If it’s your work, your friends or family giving you a hard time. You wish you could just go somewhere. Maybe travel to another country. As long as it’s somewhere else.

Or you could just go out to the nearest beach or maybe you live near the ocean. Or even go to a park. It doesn’t have to cost a thing. Try to a find a place where there’s not many people around or none. If you don’t have a place like that. Why not just sit down on a chair at home and close your eyes. Imagine you’re sitting on a cliff, looking out to the sea. You’re all alone and no one interrupts your thoughts. The weather can be whatever you want it to be. A warm breeze or no wind at all. It can be hot or cold, whatever you prefer. Just drift away for a while.

It can also be somewhere in nature. Maybe there’s a place where you used to spend your time when you were a child. Imagine the birds singing. The smell of trees. The smell of fresh air. Think about those summer days when you were a child. Time of innocence.

We all need an escape from reality. Take a look inside your mind. It does wonders to your brain. Contemplation is not that difficult. Just lay back and relax a bit. Life is not that serious.