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be brave
Post title ‘American Science’ by Duran Duran

Recently on The daily post in daily prompt, there’s been words that are kind of hinting. Words like Believe, Risky, Ascend, Loyal and now Brave. It’s like they are trying to tell me something. All of those words have a meaning when it comes to job search. You need to believe in yourself and be loyal to your goals. Without some risk you’ll won’t get far. You want to ascend to the next level of your life and not get stuck. Most of all you need to be brave and that’s where I lack it. Sometimes I do feel brave though. Like when I went to see Robbie Williams this summer. From my point of view that is a brave move. I didn’t back down like I usually do. I just took the chance and went. I’m not into big crowds but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I ended up having a really good time. I wish I could be brave like that more often.

Back in 2015, I wrote a post about my job search. Some things have changed since then. Like the photography and job search campaigns thing. The latter I skipped altogether. When you looked through a lot of job ads, they’re soon coming out of your ears. I can understand why some unemployed think job search is useless. I hate the writing part where you have to explain yourself why you’re the one the employers are looking for. Especially when I have to write them in Finnish. My mother tongue is Swedish so it shines through in my writing. At least that’s what my web design teacher told me. I’ve always thought my Finnish writing was alright but now I feel insecure. Maybe the reason why I haven’t got even an interview is because of the writing. I have got into education despite that so it can’t be it. Finnish is not the easiest language so it’s not that easy for Finns either. If I keep looking to work for someone else, all my skills I’ve learned so far will go to waste. Honestly, I’m getting fed up with this whole job search thing. The gaps in my work experience are probably too high but at least I wasn’t totally lazy. I did have those clients when I studied web design so I do have some experience in the field.

I don’t really know what to call myself anymore. Yesterday I did something I didn’t think I would do. I applied for an education for a graphic designer in the same school where I studied a photographer degree, Helsinki Design School. Applying doesn’t do any harm. If I don’t get in, it doesn’t matter. I’m still looking for work and if I did find one, I could still go to school. Some say this school is a joke and that the degrees don’t mean anything. Even though I didn’t get a job in photography, I still experienced things I wouldn’t normally do. Employers might not see the degrees worthwhile but in the end, it’s the skills of people that matter. I think in Finland, certificates are too important. Especially in design. There are different ways to educate yourself and you don’t need to go to fancy schools to learn. Jealousy is a problem in Finland.  If you have taken a simpler route to design, you get the look you’re not good enough. They don’t say it out loud but you know they mean it.

I see younger people’s work in design and I feel I’ve no chance in the business. I feel like Chandler Bing in Friends when he changes jobs and he started to work in advertising where all these young people worked. He felt so old and thought he didn’t have a chance. In the end, he did get a job there as a manager or something like that. In real life, you can’t get a job that easily if you have no experience or education. Employers are so into thinking about the future so they hire younger people. But how much do these 20 something know anything about life anyway? Of course, they should also get a chance but experienced shouldn’t be disregarded either. I wish I had the power to hire unemployees who’s been rejected for different reasons. But that’s too much for one person to handle. Being the employer is no piece of cake either.

As for what to call myself. I want to do something more than just designing websites. I wonder what people think of long job titles. How about web designer/photographer/graphic designer. Just designer doesn’t say much. It still feels weird to call myself a designer. They say you should stand out of from the crowd and that is it. I can do more than just one thing. The whole standing out is a bit strange. Aren’t we all a bit different in some way? I for sure hope there’s no one like me out there. I couldn’t handle two of me. At least I have been brave enough to be different and not walk the same path other people expect me to. I’m going all the way and it doesn’t matter what others think. Always follow the path you’ve chosen. That’s what I call bravery.




Writing fiction is the hardest thing

Especially when it comes to fan fiction. I don’t know how people do it. Continuing a TV series or making up another story about the characters. It’s really difficult. That’s one of the reasons I only write fiction about real people. I did try to write one based on The Hobbit but after that I haven’t even tried. Writing about real people might be weird for some. But I don’t use their personality, just the name. Since I mostly write to myself I don’t really think it might hurt anybody’s privacy and such. Even if I did post online, they would never know. Internet is a big place. My little fictions are not that good that it would get that much attention.

My subject ideas comes from movies or TV. I also get inspirations from actors I like. It just depends who I fancy at the time. Some give me more ideas than others. But what I write about is not the subject in this post.

I’ve always had problems with details. Even in my own language. It’s all in my head but writing them down is the most difficult part. I can never find the right words. If someone tells me to describe a place, I can’t do it. I just don’t like writing in detail. It’s boring and I’m also lazy to do it. My mind is faster than my writing. I could never be a writer. I have no patience whatsoever. Trying to describe your thoughts to others is difficult. I have a story in my head but when I try to write them down, they don’t turn that good. It’s all in my head. If someone read them, they probably wouldn’t see it the way I do. That’s one of the reasons I write for myself. Also because sometimes I write things that I would be too shy to post in public. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my thoughts. On the contrary but people might not understand.

Sometimes when I start with a story, ideas come flooding. When I’m on a roll, I could stay up for hours writing them down. You can’t lose the threads (or the train of thought) to a story just because it’s late at night and you need your beauty sleep. I guess that’s  every writers blessing and a curse. Then there are days when nothing comes out. Then I just forget the story for a while. Ideas come when they do. Sometimes ideas come while I write. I’ve thought about an idea how it goes but then the story changes and it becomes totally a different one.
I usually write with a pencil on a paper first. Lots of it. I’ve noticed when writing on the computer, I don’t get the same writing flow. Writing them by hand first does have it disadvantages though. There’s a lot of papers everywhere (I re-use old one’s so no new papers there) and a lot to transcribe. It also produces a lot of pencil stubs. When you write a lot, your hand gets sore as well.

Every writer (pro or not) has different ways to work. So if there’s any fiction or any other writers out there. What is your process when you write? Do you still use a pencil and paper or has modern technology taken over? Do you plan ahead or do you get ideas while you write like I do? Any tips you can give me to become a better fiction writer?
If you write fan fiction. Do you rewrite your stories or let them be the way you written them the first time? Where do get your inspiration from? How do you actually get the ideas when you continue from a TV series or a movie? Because I can never figure out how people do it, like I mentioned in the beginning of this post. What’s the secret, if any?

Would be interesting to know how other writers work. Just leave a message below. Or if you have something longer to write. Try the Suggestion Box

Thank you for reading.