Tristful because of you

autumn leaves on the ground
Photo by me. Made in Canva

Tristful because of you

Autumn is soon here but not quite
Summer still wants to continue and I feel tristful because of it
I want it to be colder and colours on the trees
I feel tristful because of you
Summer be gone and I don’t care what others think
It can still be warm but no more hot weather
But weather can’t be stopped
What comes around you need to accept it
I still feel tristful because of you
I like you certain amount but I want you to leave
You had your time so stop making me feel tristful

Rain is gold

rain is gold
Made in Canva

The rain finally came after a long heatwave period. Rain is gold when it’s been hot for so long. It’s really refreshing. I was out in the rain when it came pouring down, twice. Of course, I had an umbrella and wellies on but I still got wet. I went out when it started raining so I was well prepared. I loved it. It’s better getting wet by water and not sweat. Now it’s about 21 celsius which is nice. This is what normal summer tempature is like in Finland. Even people who like heat must admit rain is needed sometime. Weather is something you can’t change. We just have to live with it.

I love rain and I don’t mind going out. But sometimes I’m just too lazy to do so. I found this old post about “What to do when it’s raining but you don’t feel like going out” It’s from July 8, 2015. I never get bored if the weather is bad because I find things to do. The rain is coming down again so I better go and have a look. I’m always happy when it rains and that’s gold.