Bloganuary: What is a superpower you’d love to have?

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Day 17. I’ve seen all of the Star Wars movies. There Jedi’s can put thoughts in other people minds. That’s a superpower I would like to have. It would be helpful in a job interview, for example. ‘I will give you the job and give you the salary you’re asking for’ It would be nice to hear what you want to hear. You only say things to them, and they will repeat them. Using mind control with bad people would be great. Telling them to be good. All the wars will stop, and everyone would be friendly to each other.

Another power I would like to have would be invisibility. Things and places I could go to without getting noticed. I could do everything for free. If I wanted a seat on public transport, but they would be full, I would pinch someone, and they wouldn’t know what it was. Actually, I would like that have two superpowers. Invisibility and being able to put thoughts in people’s heads. I would have the time of my life, for sure.

I’m listening

frasier listening

The Dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.

People never listen. Especially extroverts. They keep talking so much you would think they love their own voice. It’s a skill to know how to listen. I’m very good at it. That’s my superpower. I may not be good at giving advice but I can listen. Introverts in general are good listeners. I’m not into chit-chat. I rather be quiet than talk nonsense. People who doesn’t know me think I’m always quiet, even at home. But at home I’m a totally different person. There you can be yourself completely. I say what I think and when I get angry, you don’t want to be around. Other times I’m a calm person and I don’t make a lot of noise of myself. When you’re around people you must have a cool head. If you start to act like a crazy person, people look strangely at you.

I’m no expert on relationship but if you don’t listen to what the other person is saying, it will cause problems. People should talk more to each other and not take things for granted. No one is a mind reader. It’s no wonder there are divorces and break-ups because people doesn’t talk about their problems. Listening to others solves a lot of things. If you really listen to others, you learn something and you understand the other person a bit better. Interrupting someone is not only rude but it makes the person feel like they don’t want to be heard.

You think introverts doesn’t pay attention when their doing something else. I don’t know about others but I’m good in multitasking, I can both concentrate and listen at the same time. Someone could have a conversation and they think I might not be listening but I actually am. You can learn a lot from listening to conversations even if it’s unintentionally. Sometimes people talk about things you don’t want to hear which makes listening disturbing. Especially in public transport. Who wants to listen to how drunk they were at the weekend or what kind of decease some have? That kind of talk should be talked about somewhere else. They think no one is listening. Sometimes though listening can be amusing. It’s mostly ridiculous things people talk about.

The superpower of listening is both a blessing and a curse. I would rather be listening than keep on talking though. Conversations should make sense and not a reason to talk like some people practise. There are those who think silence is awkward but if everyone kept talking, there wouldn’t be anything else but noise. Listening is a skill that anyone can learn but for some it’s a natural thing.