End of the year post

Photo by Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent on Pexels.com

So here we are, the end of the year 2020. Finally, some think. All the bad things aside. There have been good things too. That’s something you can forget when things are bad. I can only speak for myself and what has happened to me.

My year has been good to me. I got a job and I got paid for it. I was then laid off because of the covid restrictions. But then I got back to work. They were experiences I haven’t had before. Getting paid and being laid off. I got those at once. I didn’t suffer from either of them.

In blogging, I got over 1K viewers from March to May. I also got more followers. I don’t know how many since I can’t find stats about that. This is my 7th full blogging year. I haven’t blogged as often as I used to but that just shows I’ve been busy with life. I still got more visitors and viewers than I had before. So it’s not about quantity but about quality.

I also bought a new laptop. I’ve changed from Windows to Mac (MacBook Pro) Then I also bought a new mobile. An iPhone (Apple SE 2020) which goes well with the Mac. Not only that but I also bought a drawing tablet. It’s easier to draw with a pen than a mouse.

When we get to 2021 no one ones what new will happen. I don’t usually plan what I’ll do because it has been proved this year, plans change. No one knows how long this covid will last and will the vaccines work. Next year can become a satire or it can get better. One thing that won’t change is me writing this blog. So thank you all for finding this blog and have a happier new 2021. See you next year.

Overtime you learn

I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet so I could draw better on the computer. With a mouse, it’s more difficult. So far I’m totally happy with it. It is easier to draw. I have now drawn every day since I bought it which was last week. Overtime (wordplay) you learn to get better at it. Of course, you still need a mouse with all the commands and all. Unless you become an expert and only need the pen. I have the smallest tablet. There are 2 bigger sizes but this small version is easier to hold. It also works wirelessly. I think you have to charge the battery but the pen doesn’t need any of that.

I thought about which one to buy. An Ipad or this one but I didn’t want to download the Adobe programs on the Ipad again so I decided to buy a graphics tablet instead. It would be easier to draw if there was a picture on the tablet. Now you have to look at the computer screen where the lines are. You also need to use the pen up in the air above the tablet when you search for things on the computer screen or you can draw something by mistake. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I hope you get my drift. There are different versions of graphics tablets. I don’t need anything fancy because I’m just an average user. They say the Intuos Pro Small is good for beginners so that was one of the reasons why I bought it. And it was on sale. I wish I had this when I studied graphic design last year. Maybe I could have got better grades when we had illustration on the agenda. So far I’ve only used it in Photoshop but it’s best when you want to draw something by hand.

Some things are easier to draw with a normal pencil though. Especially if the drawing is complex. Not that I ever draw complex things. I don’t know what’s better, to draw on paper first and then scan it on the computer or draw with the tablet straight to the computer. Either way, when you draw, sketching with a normal pencil first is helpful. Especially when you plan what to draw. I won’t become an illustrator though. I’m not that good anyway. I just draw for fun. At least for now. Having this graphics tablet is a good way to practice drawing and it saves paper too.