You ain’t seen me, right?

This is a sketch from the British comedy show, The Fast Show. I don’t know why the word camouflage reminded me of this. Sometimes it feels like I’m invisible. But in some things, it’s kind of good. I don’t want that much attention from other people. I can observe in peace and follow people’s behaviours. It’s an introverted thing. People think you don’t hear them but in fact, we do. Because we’re not as loud as extroverted, it’s like being in camouflage. The bad thing is when you want people to take notice, you’re being ignored.

It’s never in the middle. You must be totally quiet or totally loud. Getting attention is not only about posting photos of yourself in social media. It’s about getting your voice heard. It doesn’t need big audiences. If it reaches at least one, that’s better than nothing. I, for example, could never be a video blogger because I don’t like being in front of the camera. I want to say things in writing. Other people feel natural being in the spotlight so I rather leave that to those who are. Stick to what you know, the saying goes. No one is good at everything. If someone could, others would be without work.

Speaking of which. Tomorrow it’s not a day for me to be in camouflage. Finally, the day when I’m gonna go to that meeting about the internship I wrote about here. We were supposed to meet last week but it had to be rescheduled. After a few emails, I didn’t get a reply so I thought it wasn’t real. But today I wrote another one and then finally I got a reply. I don’t know what kind of meeting it will be but it’s probably like a job interview kind of thing. The ones I’ve been to haven’t been very successful. When it’s over, I could say, You ain’t seen me, right? And then move away slowly to the front door. It could also go the other way around but that’s tomorrow’s business.

What are you laughing at?

My favorite genre is comedy (other is action) People find different things funny. And some have no sense of humour. I laugh at almost anything. What I don’t find funny, is things like Jackass. Grown men doing stuff where they get hurt, looks childish to me. The only thing that is funny, is how stupid they look. The American Pie movies are childish as well. Not my kind of thing at all.

But I must admit, below the belt jokes are kind of funny. Only when they are tastefully done though. Like Austin Powers. “Do I make you feel horny, baby” Suggestions kind of things. Not really saying it out loud. Difficult to describe in English (in any language to be precise) I hope you understand what I mean.

I mostly laugh at funny faces or someone falling over. I love British comedy. Monty Python, Mr Bean, The Fast show, just to name a few. I think older sketch programs are better than new ones. Even though Little Britain is kind of amusing but not as good as older comedy shows. I absolutely love Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connelly and Hugh Laurie. They really have become big stars outside the UK.

Most comedy shows and movies I like are Americans. They just happen to be something I find funny. And they are very good at it. I’ve been watching The Golden Girls lately and it never gets old. They just don’t make those kind of shows anymore. Move over Sex in the city. You’ll never be as good as The Golden Girls! I tried to watch Sex in the city but I just didn’t find it funny. There were something funny but I don’t really care about relationship and that kind of TV shows.

I did write about what I like last year and humour was one on my 5 favorite things. Jim Carrey is my favourite but I also like Robin Williams. He’s really talented. His interviews are never dull. He can also play serious roles and still be believable.It’s also a pleasure to watch Conan. A shame it’s not shown on Finnish TV. But thanks to Youtube I can always watch the best parts. It’s much better than Jay Leno. Even though his show is not bad either.

I’m really glad older comedy show that I used to watch when I was a child are released on DVD. Which reminds me, I should really watch that Love Boat DVD I bought weeks ago. I hope I don’t die laughing.