I leave you with nothing

Photo from Canva

When I die I won’t leave a legacy of any kind to anyone. I probably give all the money to charity and the stuff I probably throw in the trash. I won’t be remembered for anything special. It doesn’t really matter what happens after my death because, well I’m dead. Some people want to make a big deal of what they leave behind. I only want a normal and quiet life without unnecessary drama. I don’t need to impress anyone. Not everyone will leave a legacy and it doesn’t matter either.

I settle for little. I don’t know why you should do anything special in this life. If you want to be at the top of the world and you don’t feel complete unless you experience something out of the ordinary, so be it. But don’t expect others to do the same. I only want to do things that please me. I don’t need excitement to feel human but not being bored either. Pleasing at least one person is enough. For example at work when someone tells me I’ve done something right, it feels I’ve accomplished something good. I don’t need fireworks to feel needed.

There are many who use social media to feel important. I got back to Instagram yesterday (@liuzzia5) because I got a better phone (Apple iPhone SE2020) and I can download it again. Even if it’s a popularity contest the whole app I still use it. It’s a bit of a waste of time if you ask me. I have never really gotten the point of the whole thing. I only get a few likes and sometimes none. But I only use it for my own amusement. I never know what kind of hashtags I should use and I don’t bother with it. It takes all the fun out of Instagram. I prefer Pinterest more than that because there you don’t need to think that much about hashtags.

In certain things, I wish people gave me more likes. E.g. graphic design or photography. Comments would be much more prefered though. Maybe social media is not the right platform or something for that. I don’t want to become famous or anything. Or leave a legacy for the future generation. But knowing I’m not wasting my time on something I’m not really good at would be nice to know. Maybe I’ll always only remain an amateur. I know I should be more confident in myself. Right now I’ve been too tired after work so I haven’t had time to think about what to do after my contract ends. Not to mention about the legacy I’m not gonna leave behind.

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Trash belongs to the bin and not in the forest

Forest in Eurajoki, Finland 2016

Imagine, you take a walk in the forest. You hear the birds and the wind. The fresh scent reaches your nostrils. You enjoy the silence and feel relaxed. You’re just minding your own business. You think everything looks so clean. But then while walking down the path, you see someone has thrown something on the ground. It’s probably candy paper or even worse, a plastic bag full of trash. You keep walking and then find another one. Maybe some hiker has left it behind. You’re appalled at the behaviour of some humans. You’re there to enjoy the forest but this untidy person has spoiled your day. Trash belongs to the bin and not in the forest. What kind of moron get to the forest and leaves their trash behind to spoil nature? If you can’t pick up your own garbage, why go to the forest at all? They might just stay at home. There they can throw trash anywhere they want.

People only not leave trash behind in the forest but also in the city. If it’s in a park in some festival or even if the trash bin is close by, they don’t bother throwing it there. The worse thing is the cigarette stubs. There are those in the forest too. It’s so disgusting walking around and then you see that crap on the ground. What is wrong with people these days? Especially in Finland where nature used to be important. There is no respect anymore. I wonder if parents let their kids do whatever they want. When I was a child, we put our trash in our pockets if there weren’t a bin nearby. People have no common sense. The litterbug’s motives are probably to make the world a big garbage bag. Or they expect others to pick up their trash. That’s laziness and uncaring about their surroundings.

Finland is really lucky to still have forests and clean air but that’s something people have no respect for. It should really be banned to throw trash in nature but that’s difficult to control. You don’t even get a fine if you leave trash behind. Also, some dog owners don’t pick their droppings from the ground. Most disgusting thing ever. If you can’t clean after your dog, why have one in the first place? Some people shouldn’t have pets at all. Like people who litter shouldn’t be able to buy anything. The way things are going, nature will be full of garbage and no fresh air anywhere if the attitudes won’t change. Doesn’t humans have any shame? The future children won’t have anything but dirt around them.

Nothing beats fresh air and clean shores. Nature is good for your mental health and keeps your stress away. I love going to the forest where I can be alone. I live in a city where the forest isn’t far and you can cycle there. The best place is in Lapland if you want fresh air. Both winter and summer. Beware of the mosquitos in the summer though. They’re little irritating buggers, I tell you that. Especially the buzz you hear when they’re close to your ear. The fresh air also is good for your skin. The whole atmosphere there is totally different than in polluted city air. A lot of tourists who’s visited the place have noticed the clean air. Well, it’s still clear but for how long, I do not know. The way some are littering in forests and other places, it can be over any day. So please, let’s not litter, OK? We need to leave something for the future children. The forest is our natural resource so let’s not take it for granted.