An an”noun”cement

Listen everybody. I have an announcement to make.

It has come to my attention that I can no longer keep up with this charade. I must confess something I should have done about a year ago. This might shock some of you. So far I’ve been denying it for myself but I have to tell someone. I’ve thought about this long and hard. I haven’t lost sleep over it though. I know deep inside I have accepted the way things are. Sometimes I wish it would just go away but that thought hasn’t entered my mind that often. One day I might regret I told anybody. Right now I even regret mentioning it to you. I’ll understand if people will stop following my blog after they’re read this. That’s something I can’t control.

What I can control is my own feelings. It doesn’t matter what others think. This is my life after all. I’m going my own way and no one can tell me otherwise. I made a choice and it’s gonna stick. If some think I’m being silly, you might be right. I should know how life is by now but this thing I’m about to tell you is really important. Here it goes.

clears her throat

I hate grammar and always have. This challenge is not very pleasant one. I have no idea how many nouns there is in this post. In school when the teacher told us to search for grammar terms in a text, I was totally lost. That’s why I always failed grammar tests. I have never learned a language by using grammar terms. I want to know how words are put together and that’s it. I don’t need to know which term is which. I don’t know the difference between adjective or adverb. Even if I look it up. The terms just confuses my writing. Just the words “grammar terms” makes me uncomfortable. I just want to write without thinking about the term names.


Another infatuation

Two friends are having a conversation in a small café in Paris. They are sitting around a small round table, close to the window. They have ordered coffee and a bagel each. They have been sightseeing the city all day so they’ve decided to take a break. The café only have a few customers so it’s peaceful there.

“So Louise, what do you think about Paris then?”
“Good” She says and drinks some coffee from her cup
“You’re still upset, are you?”
“You think” Louise says, looking at her friend
“I just gave you my opinion. Was it that bad? You did ask what I thought”
“It’s not what you said. You just want to mock me”
“All I said was, what’s the point? It’s not like it ever gonna happened”
“So what?”
“And maybe he’s gay”
“Paul, you’re just jealous. You say that about every good looking guy. And he just happens to be very talented as well”
“No I’m not. All I’m saying is, you’ve been watching that scene too many times. You don’t like him that way” He says and drinks his coffee cup empty
“Whatever ‘that way’ means. This is just another infatuation. There’s nothing you should worry about. You will always be my number one” She says, touching his hand and finishes her coffee
“I’m not worried the slightest. Like who you want. Let’s go”

Both of them stand up and Paul leaves a tip on the table. They get to the front door and she opens it.
“The fact is, Lee Pace will always have something you don’t” Louise says and with that they get out to the street. Paul walks a little further behind her. He could never figure her out. Even if she was his twin sister.