A year go bye

winter landscape with a sunset
Made in Canva

No, there is no typo in the post title. It means a year is coming to an end and it’s time to say goodbye to 2018. As soon as Christmas is gone, the new year is around the corner. Today it’s winter solstice which means the days are getting lighter again. Good riddance most people say but I don’t mind the darkness. It only means you can walk outside without having to care how you look like. People don’t see your face and you don’t have to care about how your skin looks like. You could have a rash all over your face and no one would know. We got snow so it’s not so dark now. It snows now as we speak. It would be dull if there wouldn’t be snow on the ground at Christmas.

So what has the year 2018 given me? It didn’t start well. I didn’t get the job I went to a job interview for at the end of 2017. But it wasn’t right for me anyway. I probably never get a job interview again. Moving on.
I applied to a course about entrepreneurship in February but I didn’t get in the first time around. Luckily there was another one which I did get into. I wanted to do something and not sitting doing nothing. The course didn’t give me any results but it wasn’t disappointing either. I’m just not ready for entrepreneurship just yet. I’m still thinking about it but I’m waiting for a new year first and then we’ll see if I pick up the courage. Because let’s face it, being without a job is no fun.

I didn’t find any job to apply for so I decided to apply for education instead. That’s where Helsinki Design School and graphic design comes in. I got in the second time. One of the reasons were the assignments. I also wanted to learn more about graphic design. I’m really satisfied to be in this education. It’s a school I really like waking up early for. Even though it isn’t cheap but we only have to be in school twice a month. The problem is that you don’t get to know your classmate as closely as when you meet every day of the week. Unless you’re really social and make friends easily. The pros who educate us are really encouraging.

On a personal note. I found out I have 2 cousins from my father’s side. I always thought I had only one. We don’t keep in touch with relatives because they don’t keep in touch with us. I also got to meet my aunt who I hadn’t met in years for different reasons. If my mother would only be alive to know about all this. It’s nice to know I’m not completely alone.

So what have I really achieved this year that should be mentioned? Well, I haven’t had a soda all year. That should count for something. It started in January. It’s a month where you don’t drink alcohol for the whole month. Since I don’t drink it anyway, I did the same with soda. So no more Pepsi or Coca Cola. I wanted to test if I could resist temptation and I actually did. I haven’t had the need to drink soda at all. I think I’m gonna stick to this trend and my teeth will thank for it.

On blogging, I got new followers. I also got a domain to this blog. The Daily Post ended and this Ragtag Daily Prompt began. So that wraps my year. So how was yours?

Advent Calendar, Day 21

sunset and snow on pier
Tuusula, Finland 2009

Today it’s Winter solstice which means it’s the shortest day of the year. I’ll sleep late so I don’t really see the light. From now on the days are getting longer and lighter. It also means spring is near and that’s something Finns look forward to. If you see a sulking looking person in December and a happier one in March, that’s a Finn. People is general have more enthusiasm in the spring and summer. Even me who likes the cold and the winter months. Warmth makes any person happy.

When it’s lighter outside longer, it makes you less tired. I don’t suffer from the so-called November blues. I can be tired all year around and it has nothing to do with what month it is. But summers can be tiring if it’s hot and I hate hot weather. I rather have cold and lighter days which is the reason why I like early spring. The time when it’s still winter but yet not too cold. Even better if there is snow. Snowy and sunny days are the best.

Before that this Christmas should be taken care out of the way. On the radio they play Christmas songs and complain about the stress people have. I have never understood why. If you don’t want stress, then take a trip. Don’t buy presents and if you really have to, buy online. There’s always a solution.
We always spent Christmas around the closest family. Those are the best. I feel sorry for those who have big families. You know uncles, cousins and so on. I could never imagine spending the holidays with relatives so luckily I have nothing to do with them. They have their own families. Our Christmases was always just me, my sister, parents and grandmothers. Those were the most memorable. I didn’t need anything else. Now when those days are gone, travel has been the easiest way. I’m stress free and I don’t have to think about any food, presents and things like that. We haven’t even had a real Christmas tree for years. There’s just too much fuss and not forgetting the mess. You can still have a nice Christmas without it. Decorations is a good substitute for it.

No matter how and where you’re spending your holidays, don’t stress. It’s only once a year. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cleaned up the whole household from top to bottom. No one really cares. If you don’t know what to buy to your friends and family for a present, then don’t buy anything. Spending time with your loved once are more important than spending money on junk you don’t really need. If you think presents makes Christmas than you should buy something the taker can use. Presents doesn’t need to be materialistic. There’s too much of that already. There’s so many people out there who doesn’t have anything. Donating something to charity is a good way to help. It makes other people happy and also a happy feeling for you. Helping the less fortunate is the greatest present you ever get.