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WordPress: 200 Follows!

That says a lot. Thank You everyone for the follow and I hope You’ll stick around. You might not say much but even a like is enough. Whatever the reason is for Your follow, I really appreciate it. I’ve never had this many follows anywhere. Blogging really has a more powerful effect than social media. Without followers, blogging wouldn’t be as much fun.

I’ve been on WordPress about 2 years but I’ve only started to write more this year. There have been times when writing has been difficult. Writing in English is not easy and also the feeling that are people really reading my blog or not. But I’ve learned, it doesn’t matter. I write so I don’t have to keep things inside. All you introverts out there knows what I mean. Writing is better when you have time to think deeper. When you talk to someone face to face, you might forget things you were suppose to say. Then you regret it and think “damn I should have said that” but then the situation is over.

So thank you again for the follow. Please do stick around. If I could I would give you all a big hug. But a big thank you should be enough.

Double Thumbs Up Thanks