Swish and the time is gone

speed lines of a road
Made in Canva

It’s been a month since my last blog post. There are different reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while. Swish and the time is gone. I just haven’t had anything to write about. I haven’t been busy but I’ve had other things on my mind. And I sleep really late. I guess I have a lot of sleeping to catch up since I stopped my job. I have also watched a lot of movies on TV, so many late nights too.

So soon this year is over. I guess the top topics have been the coronavirus and US presidential elections. The other world news is all a blur to me. Personally, I had the job and then got laid off for a while. Then back to work. Now that is over. In private life, my dad had a falling accident about a month ago and then he went to a hip operation. Now he is in rehabilitation so I’ve been at my dad’s place. He’s probably coming back home this week. I’ve also been visiting him at the hospital. With a mask on, of course. So that’s about it.

Christmas is around the corner. It’s gonna be at home after some years of a break. Of course, it would be nice to go somewhere but, you know, the coronavirus is something not to be messed with. I for one don’t want it. Luckily I haven’t even got the cold which is great. I hope it won’t come either. I hate a stuffed nose and the sneezing. The coronavirus has gotten worse in Finland. One day there were over 400 who got it. There are still people who don’t wear a mask but they have their reasons. It’s not really comfortable but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I don’t go anywhere anyway. Only to the store and visiting my dad at the hospital. I try to avoid people as much as I can. But I do that other times too anyway. I don’t actually mind this coronavirus. I don’t like touching things with bare hands and don’t care much about hugging either. I never got that handshake thing either. You can greet someone with just a ‘Hi’ and that’s it. The Japanese don’t use handshakes so why should I.

Only a swish and then the year is over. I don’t plan anything. I live in the present. I’ve thought about a few things what I could do. One of them is if I should get a driver’s license after all. My dad has always been the driver so I haven’t needed one. But now when he’s getting older and he can’t drive forever. I tried to get one when I was younger but I didn’t finish it. My mother was disappointed to spend all that money on it. But I realized I was too afraid to drive. Maybe I just wasn’t ready. What worries me is that I might not be ready this time either. I have gone without a license this long and I haven’t needed one. My mother never had one either. A lot of people don’t even want one. You can’t always get a ride where you want. When you go by public transport the problem is the schedules and other people. I don’t need a car because I can always borrow or rent one. My dad doesn’t want to drive long-distances anymore so maybe if I did have a license, we could drive somewhere the way we used to. The driving schools are much different than they were over 20 years ago or so. Sometimes I think I don’t really need a license but then there are days when I wish I had. Getting a job would probably be much easier too. At least there would be more options. If you feel too much pressure to drive on the street with others, then maybe having a driver’s license isn’t a good idea. Since I already been to driving school, driving would be easier to learn. I still remember how to start a car. The biggest problem would probably be the tests. I failed them so many times last time and you had to pay for them each time. That’s where the money went. I really have to think about what to do with this. Maybe that’s my goal in the summer of 2021. That and maybe find something to do for a living.

Sympathy belongs to those who deserve it

tealightsI’m a sympathetic and an empathic person. I can put myself in someone else’s shoes but also be there for a person who has problems in their lives. Especially when it’s about death since I’ve experienced it at a very young age. I can watch death in movies but when it comes to real life I really feel for people who have lost a loved one. I even feel sympathy for those families who have lost one to suicide. It’s a selfish act but I’m not upset at the one who’s done it. Maybe they just didn’t find a better solution. There are so many things in the world you don’t know the real answer to. One is why some people do awful things to other human beings.

I feel no sympathy for criminals. Everyone has their own sad stories. Blaming their childhood on their criminal minds is pathetic. Not everyone becomes criminals because their lives were awful. Then there are people who have been bullied and they start shooting or stabbing their class mates. What’s the point in that? People will only see them as crazy. Bullies will never feel sympathy to anyone no matter how the bullied will try to harm other people. There are other ways to handle this kind of things.
The same goes with terrorists. They blame others for their mental minds and use religion as their excuse. Like those terrorists who was behind 9/11. Their families were killed so they decided to get back by killing innocent people. What a lame excuse. They’re not the only one who’s lost family members but they just had to a big number of themselves. If no one stops the killing, it will never end. Violence is not the answer to anything.

If there would be more sympathy in the world, there would be fewer problems. But unfortunately, there are people who still resist it. We live in a me, me, world but maybe there’s still hope for man kind. When things are tough, there’s always someone there to help. You just have to find it and even if you don’t, you’ll be surprised how helpful people really can be. Help can be found in the strangest places. You just need to have faith.