In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”

If I had a talent I don’t have, it would be a talent where I can draw. Both of my parents were much better at it then me. I think it skipped a generation. I can’t draw at all. When I studied graphic design, drawing and painting was the worse thing I knew. Even if I liked doing that when I was a kid, I’m not very keen on it anymore. I just can’t get things on a paper. If I could draw I could have a job or make some kind of living out of it. You know illustrations and things like that.

There are amazing artists out there. I have an online friend that can draw really well. She draws a lot of motor sport drivers. She’s really good. She even got drivers she’s drawn to like them on social media. She studies graphic design and she will go a long way with her talent. I wish I could draw like that.

But I have no talent and no faith of learning to draw. The same with dancing. I can do it in my head but when I try to for real, it becomes a mess. I just stick to photography. That’s some kind of artistic talent I guess. At least I’m better at that then drawing.

It started with ‘Soldier’s Girl’, nothing
Then there were small parts, nothing
Next came ‘The Fall’, much better but yet nothing
‘Miss Pettigrew lives for a day’ was better but still nothing
‘Possession’ was crap, it made me nap
So was ‘Ceremony’ but you were not
‘Pushing Daisies’ should be mentioned but still nothing much
But then came the day when there was more than nothing
‘The Hobbit’ was the key
Only a moment on the screen but still impressive
It started with nothing
And here you are, braking hearts with your talent and kindness
Not to mention your prettiness
Now there’s ‘Halt and Catch fire’ and your future looks brighter
‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ was a succees and ‘The Hobbit-The Battle of five armies’ is next
And still I’m impressed

This part 2 of Gender Blender