I have so many things I should get rid of but I just haven’t had any motivation to clean my closets. I still have my old things in my childhood home where my dad lives. Most of them are old clothes that should have been in the bin ages ago.

I have these sneakers in my closet that I should probably get rid of. I even forgot I had them. I could still wear them but the problem with them is that they’re quite sweaty to wear. Especially if the weather is hot. They were a bit small when I bought them but I used them a lot.

There are things that are not valuable but they have a lot of memories. I threw old letters away once but now I wish I didn’t. Now they would be quite fun to read.
I also have old emails on my email account that my mother wrote me when I studied in another city. Those are letters that I don’t won’t to lose. I should print them out and put them somewhere safe. There are some wise words and encouragements in them that could be useful.

There are people like my dad that could throw things away without looking through them. But I couldn’t. You never know what you can find. One day you might start to remember things you had once and regret it that you threw it away. Just like with the letters I once had.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And I couldn’t agree more.