So many movies so little money

So 2015 started and a new year is here. So what to do. See movies of course. In a movie theater/cinema to be precise. I don’t go that often because in recent years there haven’t been movies I’ve wanted to see. I usually went a few times a year. It’s also quite expensive. I don’t really fancy being in the theater. There’s always something disturbing. Someone talking or someone rustling with their candy bags. Just other people basically. Also quite irritating that people are rushing out after the movie theater like there’s a fire somewhere. I always stay to the end.

Last year I went 4 times which is quite rare. But they were movies I wanted to see. (Guardians of the galaxy, Into to the storm and The Hobbit (twice) ) I only pay for a ticket for a movie that are worth my time and it’s always in 2D. I don’t like 3D. This year there’s gonna be quite a few. Yes there is life after The Hobbit 😉

Seventh Son
It’s out today (January 2) in Finland. It’s based on a book. Starring Ben Barnes ❤ ,Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and Kit Harington. I’m planning to go in next week.

Exodus: Gods and Kings
It was realised in December 26 over here but then I saw the ticket price, I decided to wait. And I still wait. It seems I have to wait until they have a day when it’s less expensive. Or I won’t go at all. The reason I want to see it is, Christian Bale. And I saw the trailer before The Hobbit movie started. It also looks interesting. It has a lot of criticism but who really cares. It’s a movie for crying out loud. Nothing to do with real events.

The Imitation game
Two words: Benedict Cumberbatch. I haven’t seen the trailer or don’t know what it’s about. I usually try to found information about a movie first before I decide to watch it or not. This time I’m gonna take another approach. The movie will be out in February so it’s gonna take a while.

This was also out on January 2. I didn’t think of going to see this but I saw the trailer and it looked like fun. I remember watching Paddington on TV when I was a child. I still have a Paddinton piggy bank. The bear is sitting on his suitcase, wearing a hat. Like this one but the jacket is blue. I have it in a box somewhere.
There’s also a dubbed version of the movie but imagine Nicole Kidman “speaking” Finnish 😀 The original is always the best.

So quite a lot of movies for me to see this year. If I get to see them (bloody ticket prices) that’s another story. This is my “going to see a movie”- plan 2015.