Last day of NaBloPoMo15

Hits a few days ago

Honestly, the whole NaBloPoMo November didn’t go well. I missed 2 days. I just got bored with it. I just can’t post everyday. It didn’t seem to get attention either. I wanted to throw this blog into the wall so to speak. Or actually throw it in my followers faces. I’m very cross with you. Why do you follow me in the first place if you don’t even like a post or even comment? Do you actually care at all? Well of course you do. But oh why? Tell me why you follow me? Don’t be a lurker.

Hello, anybody there? When someone is asking a question, you should reply. “Ask a question and you will get more comments?” Is just BS. I’ve asked a lot but it doesn’t work. Having a blog is such a drag sometimes. Maybe there would be more traffic if it was a blog about fashion, (boring) lifestyle, (booooring) or a food blog (a bit boring) I’ve thought about changing the subjects on this blog. Not because I feel disappointed about the lack of comments etc. It’s more of loving changes and boredom.

Actually I don’t care really. This is my blog and I write what I like. If nobody reads it, it doesn’t matter. There was a good advice in one of the photo blogs I follow. Do not look at your statistics. But that was for photography but I think it applies here too. So I won’t look. But still you look. It’s like when someone says; “Don’t look down”, you still do.

What you should really look, is the new James Bond flick, Spectre. Finally went to see it and it was an exciting one. But oh how I loathe those commercials before a movie starts. That’s the reason I don’t go very often. I’m not going to the movies to watch commercials you see on TV. And then the ticket price is 12 euros. Think again šŸ˜› Today it was 7 euros though.

That was it from the NaBloPoMo15. Good riddance to you.



I am a true introvert


I found this test on Pinterest where you could test if you’re truly an introvert. There’s no doubt about that. Introversion is not a diseaseĀ  or a disability though. Or a person from another planet. That’s what it feels like when I read articles or somewhere on the internet where it’s written about it. It’s part of your personality. You can do anything an extrovert can. It just takes time to get to know an introvert. People doesn’t seem to understand that. If you tell them you’re an introvert, they’ve already decided what kind of person you are. I guess that’s the reason I’ve never had any real friends. Also because I have nothing in common with people. But that’s has nothing to do with introversion. I just haven’t met the right people.

You would think introversion would be an advantage in the work environment. Hard working and multitasking. But people expect you to be outgoing all the time. Introverts are not scared of people, they just don’t waste their time socializing. They’re there to work. Being social doesn’t mean you have to talk. Maybe extroverts lack that ability, to listen and be social at the same time.

I didn’t go to that school reunion after all. I didn’t bother going. Paying for a train or bus ticket and then socialize with people I barely know. Besides I only travel to the capital (Helsinki) if I really have to. I ignore that place like a plague. That city is just too big for my taste. I got lost once (almost twice) and that wasn’t a pleasant experience. Asking for direction is really difficult for an introvert. It takes a lot of courage. When I did, that person couldn’t even give me a straight answer. “It’s that way’ he said and pointed. What does that mean anyway? I had to call my dad for advice what to do. I was in panic and I thought I never find my way to the bus station.

For some introversion can be a burden but for me it’s not a problem. I like going to the movies by myself. I like doing things by myself. Then you don’t need to ask permission and you can do what you want. Even though sometimes company would be nice. Being alone doesn’t kill me. It just makes me stronger.

Introverts should be proud of who they are. No one should tell you how to be. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s other people’s attitudes that is the problem.