NaBloPoMo15: Mum’s birthday

©Mia Salminen

Today’s (Nov 18) my mother would have turned 70 years old. It’s 2 years soon since she passed away. I miss her everyday. Especially when I’m alone. I wish she was here so I could ask her advice about things my father doesn’t know about. Like about job search. She had experience of that kind of things. Now I have to search for the information somewhere else.

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone

You should not take things for granted. Especially when it comes to parents. I think it’s a shame some kids doesn’t get along with theirs. For me they’ve always been important. I was especially close to mum. That’s the reason why her death hit me so hard. Sometimes “why she was the one who got cancer” enters my mind. But those are things you can’t control. You can’t turn back the clock. You just have to move on. Music and entertainment in general lifts my spirit. Without those I could not go on.

So here is to you, mother. Happy Birthday to you. Wherever you are ♥