Bloganuary: My inspiration is not a person

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Day 6. My inspiration is not a person but about things. I have people I look up to, but I don’t get inspiration from any of them. I found inspiration in different things in life. I get inspiration from past experiences. Nature is a good inspiration. Sometimes I get them from movies. The only time I get inspiration from a person is when I write fan fiction.

When I don’t get any inspiration, I just let it be. I can’t force it to come out. Sometimes I don’t get any when I write this blog. It can be frustrating when I want to write something, but nothing comes out. Then I just do something else. My inspiration has a life of its own. No person can get it out from me. I don’t want to follow in anyone’s footsteps. I want to walk my own way. Everyone should be the best person they can be. You can get inspiration from a person or different things. As long as you get inspiration because life would be empty without it.