No break for the wicked

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It’s not that I’ve had a busy year. On the contrary, it’s been quiet until October, when my filmmaking studies at Helsinki Design School started. The assignments aren’t as complex and time-consuming as the graphic design course. There is a lot of writing and analysing of movies. Two meetings in a row, we had about directing and screenplay writing. The latter is the most exciting subject for me. I’ve studied it before, so it’s a bit familiar. This week we had about casting, where two Finnish professional actors told us about the actor’s point of view of the movie and television business. They also played a scene that one of the students had written. There is a big difference between amateur and professional acting. An ordinary person goes through the script quickly, but a professional actor takes the time and, well, acts. This education has been fascinating and will continue to be so when the next meeting is in January. There won’t be a break in the assignments, but they’re not stressful, so it doesn’t matter.

If this year was quiet, I wouldn’t have that in 2023. Besides my studies, I’m going to a few concerts. First, the Robbie Williams one in March, and then in July, Pet shop boys. But wait, there is more. A sudden, surprising twist occurred. It was something I didn’t expect. My teenage dream will come true on June 27, 2023. The British band, Take That will come to Finland. The tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Monday 19th). They were here 29 years ago. My mother didn’t let me go at the time. I can’t let this chance go by. They’re a trio now when they were 5 at the time. I’ve only seen their concert in the movies and on television. It’s much easier to buy concert tickets nowadays, so I’m sure I’ll get a ticket. There will be a busy week at the end of June and the beginning of July 2023. First, Take That and a week later, Pet shop boys. So a lot of travelling next year.

Before all the above, Christmas break is upon us. I’ll be going on a cruise to Tallinn with dad. Maybe I will still post on this blog this year, but that will be after the holidays. In January, the Bloganuary begins again, which I will participate in. If I don’t write here this year anymore. Have a jolly good Christmas, and give peace a chance.

Staying sharp

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Staying sharp when you have a lot of things to think about can be a little stressful. So many things must be done, so you must have a scheduling plan. I don’t write them down, though. I keep them in my head. I don’t have that many things to do, so I don’t need to. I don’t like to hurry because then things won’t be good. I do things when I feel like it. If I have something important to do, like school assignments, I might plan to do them the next day, but then I don’t. I get them done; that’s what matters.

Despite waking up early a few times a month, I’m still quite sharp in school. But then I get tired as well. I’m not a morning person, but I can wake up early if necessary. When there is school, I wake up at 4.30 am because I have to get to the train, but I wouldn’t want to do it often. When you study something interesting, you don’t get tired. For not being a morning person, I’m pretty sharp and excited in the morning. I wish I could be that when I’m at home too.

The time when I’m not sharp is when it’s something I don’t care about. Who would do something they don’t like anyway? You can’t force yourself. It must come from you and not from someone else. Some people do what others are doing. For example, they study the same thing their best friend does even if they don’t want to learn the subject. You shouldn’t be afraid to follow your own path. You’ll be happier to do so, and it keeps you sharp too.

Hang on a minute

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Hang on a minute

Hang on a minute; it's the end of the year soon
What you can do today, you can do it next year
Hang on a minute and read this poem
It might not be the best, but this is what I do
Sometimes poems are like blog posts
It might not be a typical poem, though
Hang on a minute, this is what I have time for
Have a nice the end of the year 2022