Staying sharp

sharp pencil
Photo: Openverse on WordPress

Staying sharp when you have a lot of things to think about can be a little stressful. So many things must be done, so you must have a scheduling plan. I don’t write them down, though. I keep them in my head. I don’t have that many things to do, so I don’t need to. I don’t like to hurry because then things won’t be good. I do things when I feel like it. If I have something important to do, like school assignments, I might plan to do them the next day, but then I don’t. I get them done; that’s what matters.

Despite waking up early a few times a month, I’m still quite sharp in school. But then I get tired as well. I’m not a morning person, but I can wake up early if necessary. When there is school, I wake up at 4.30 am because I have to get to the train, but I wouldn’t want to do it often. When you study something interesting, you don’t get tired. For not being a morning person, I’m pretty sharp and excited in the morning. I wish I could be that when I’m at home too.

The time when I’m not sharp is when it’s something I don’t care about. Who would do something they don’t like anyway? You can’t force yourself. It must come from you and not from someone else. Some people do what others are doing. For example, they study the same thing their best friend does even if they don’t want to learn the subject. You shouldn’t be afraid to follow your own path. You’ll be happier to do so, and it keeps you sharp too.

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