There is no wise way to say this

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I’m not good at this advice-giving thing. I’m the one that looks for a wise answer. I could not make tutorial videos or give advice in a blog post. I can only give my opinion about things. They might not be wise, but I don’t give stupid ones.

I’m not good at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment.

Chandler Bing in Friends

I couldn’t even give you a sarcastic comment. I can only tell about the things I know about or if I have experienced them. Even then, I’m sure others give much better advice than me.

I can help if I can, but if you ask me for advice about something else, then you should ask someone else. I can look it up if you want to know something. But if you expect me to write a blog post about it, then I’m not the one who can wise you up. Everyone is good at something and has things we can’t do. My weakness is giving advice, especially wise advice. Anyone can say what or how to do things. But if they make sense or not is a different matter.