If you don’t respect my opinions I won’t respect yours

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You write something online (a blog or whatever) and then some take it personally. They tell you you’re wrong. They tell you can’t criticize or say anything negative about anything. They tell you what you should post. If you write your opinions, they can’t take it so they unfollow you.

That kind of followers are not worth having. If you don’t respect my opinion, I won’t respect yours. Tumblr is full of these who are afraid of criticism. But what to expect from teenagers. They take everything seriously. What kind of person unfollows a blog or any social media just because they don’t agree. We can’t always get along. Those people probably can’t handle conflicts in real life either.

I won’t lose sleep if people unfollow me. It’s their problem, not mine. I don’t keep a blog to please people. I might write negative things but I’m not aiming it on anyone personally. It’s my blog and I write what I like. If I criticise it, it’s my business. Not just this blog but also on the internet in general. Especially on Tumblr where people only seem to care about how many followers they get. Sometimes I do wonder why am I not getting much. I’ve already been there since 2012. I have 4 different one’s. I hardly get even likes no matter what I post in them. Even this post will go to the randomlythings. But that’s beside the point.

The most frustrated is The Blacklist one. It’s soon one year old but I have only 65 followers. That’s better than nothing but still not much going on there. Why do people even follow if they don’t interact. Just wondering. But again, I won’t lose sleep over it. The show came back from a break and now it’s back on. And yet nothing much going on when it comes to reblogs or likes. But I’m just impatient when it comes to waiting.

So much work with Tumblr. All that work goes to waste if no one reacts. I dislike unnecessary work. It’s like cleaning. No matter how much you do it, it’s still gonna get dirty again. You need motivations from others to keep doing it. The same goes with photography and writing. If no one gives you feedback, how can you learn getting better. I can’t. I just let it be and don’t even try. Because what’s the point? I don’t know how to get better. When I do, how will I know if no one doesn’t tell me.

I can handle negative criticism as long as I get something positive out of it. I wish I could say the same for some. People are just too afraid to hurt people’s feelings so they hold their opinions to themselves. If you don’t like me, just say so because I’m sure I won’t like you either. But be careful you don’t sound insulting because I can be as insulting as you and you don’t want to see that side of me.

You know what they say, opinions are like a§§h0les, we all got one.


Whataya want from me

I know you mean well. You are following me. But why do you follow me? That is a question I keep asking myself. Why do people follow me? My blog is probably the most boring place there is. At least that’s how it seems. Maybe it’s just my interests that doesn’t excite people. I’m OK with that. I don’t read blogs that doesn’t interest me either.

Every time I’m on WordPress and other social media places, I feel alone. Even if I see people visiting it still feels useless. Instead I could do something else than be here. It seems when I write my own stuff, there’s not many likes or views. Compared to 2014, there’s been less views this year. Expect the post about Duran Duran which was the most visited post of all time. Since Daily Post stopped with the weekly writing challenge, it’s been more quiet. Stuff like that helps to get views. Not even the Daily Prompt has had the same effect.

To tell you the truth, personally I think the concept on this blog has become a bore. But I still refuse to become one of those people who write about their personal life. If this was a blog like that it would look a bit like this.

“Woke late today since I go to bed at 4 am. Went to my dad’s to drink coffee like I always do. Then it was 7 pm and I was on my lap top. Listen to music. Watched Youtube videos. Then I went home to bed at 3 am”

Like that. Who wants to read something that boring. Not me. That’s no one business what I do anyway. I can write about a subject I like but when it comes to daily stuff I rather keep it private. I will keep this blog no matter what. I might complain about not getting enough of views or comments from time to time (I won’t make a habit of it though) but I won’t stop writing. If I stopped writing I might just as well stop living. I could just sleep all day and watch TV all but that’s not what I want. Nothing will bring be down. Not even a small problem like how to get more followers or views to a blog (Twitter and Tumblr included) will bring me down. I write what I want so deal with that.

Thanks for the follows and please do stick around.

Just don’t give up on me
I won’t let you down– Whataya want from me by Adam Lambert