I can’t predict the future

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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Daily Prompt

The way things are going now, I can’t predict the future. I don’t know what will happen this year, so I can’t know what I’ll do in 10 years. I won’t move a muscle until I figure out what I want to do right now. I can wish for things, but they are not future plans. I’ll be 56 in 10 years (I will turn 46 on June 2). Hopefully, I will have a job. At 56, it’s not easy to get hired. I wouldn’t want to be unemployed at that age. Maybe in 10 years, there won’t be age discrimination. A lot can happen in 10 years. You never know when you will die. I can get some deadly disease or get into an accident. My dad probably won’t be around in 10 years. He turned 79 this year. Unless he’s blessed with a long life like his half-sister. She’s 91 years old. My dad doesn’t exactly live a healthy life. Even if a person does live healthily, they can still pass on at any age. I could imagine what I could be in 10 years if I was younger. Now I can only wish.

I know I won’t have anybody in my life. There will only be people that will only be there for a moment, and then I will meet new ones. It sounds sad, but I have nobody now, either. Some people are better off alone. I like being on my own. I like meeting new people and all that, but I need my privacy. Now and in 10 years. Or who knows. I can’t predict the future.

I want to feel I have achieved something. I don’t want big things to happen, though. I live day by day. I don’t want to think about the future. I hope I can do what I feel. I can’t be forced to do something I’m not comfortable with. Other people can see what they want to see. I know myself, and I don’t change because someone doesn’t like the way I am. You shouldn’t live the way other people want you to live. It’s your life, and you can do what you want as long as it’s legal. Society must learn that we can’t all be the same and live the same way. I hope in 10 years, differences will be more accepted.

Take a trip to my new blog theme

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I changed the theme of this blog yesterday. It’s called Nucleare. It was time to change it a little. Take a trip to In my world front page and take a peak if you like. I like that you can use the font you want. I use Cabin and Raleway. It’s also my brand typography.

I have been looking for a new theme for a while, but I haven’t found the right one until now. I wanted a similar theme that I had before. I wanted to keep the same widgets. There are themes where you can edit the layout with the site editor, but I find that difficult. I prefer the easier way out.

Going through the WordPress themes is a trip because there are so many. I use the free ones. They are as good as the paid and premium ones. I have a Personal WP plan for this blog, so it’s good enough for me. I’m going to keep this theme for a while. I quite like it. Please do have a trip to my new blog theme. If you haven’t already, while reading this blog post.

There is no wise way to say this

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I’m not good at this advice-giving thing. I’m the one that looks for a wise answer. I could not make tutorial videos or give advice in a blog post. I can only give my opinion about things. They might not be wise, but I don’t give stupid ones.

I’m not good at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment.

Chandler Bing in Friends

I couldn’t even give you a sarcastic comment. I can only tell about the things I know about or if I have experienced them. Even then, I’m sure others give much better advice than me.

I can help if I can, but if you ask me for advice about something else, then you should ask someone else. I can look it up if you want to know something. But if you expect me to write a blog post about it, then I’m not the one who can wise you up. Everyone is good at something and has things we can’t do. My weakness is giving advice, especially wise advice. Anyone can say what or how to do things. But if they make sense or not is a different matter.