Morning without coffee is a waste

cup of coffee
Made in Canva

I don’t like tea. I like coffee. A morning without it is a waste. If I don’t drink something with caffeine I feel tired all day. Now when I have to wake up early twice a month to go to school, I don’t drink coffee at home. Those days I only drink coffee from a machine. It’s not the best though. That’s better than nothing. Drinking coffee without milk and sugar taste like poison in my mouth. I once had to drink it straight up because I didn’t have milk and it’s the worst taste ever. If there isn’t coffee I drink Finnish energy drink called Battery. I hate Red Bull and any other I tasted. Nothing beats coffee though.

I only drink two cups per day. Sometimes three if someone offers. Other times not. Since I stopped drinking soda, water, milk, chocolate milk and juices are the only drinks I drink. The best coffee it’s the one you make yourself. I’m quite good at it I might add. You get it the way you what it. I also have instant coffee but that’s not as good as the one you make in a coffee maker. I only drink instant if I live in a dorm like I did when I studied web design or it’s too late to make coffee. Those are days when I sleep too long. That’s not that often though. Most of the time I drink coffee after I wake up.

I don’t go to coffee houses. I’m not one of those people who sit in a café and sit there for hours. I like my coffee at home. Sometimes I can go to one but that’s really rare. Last time I went was with my dad was when we went to a shopping centre. I don’t really remember when exactly. Coffee is nothing if you don’t eat anything with it. It’s usually something sweet. The sweet tooth that I am. Except if it’s morning it’s a sandwich. I don’t drink coffee just the hell of it. I do it for a reason. If I don’t drink coffee I get a headache. Tea is the last drink I would drink so don’t offer me one. If it’s coffee then I’m all, got milk? I wouldn’t say no to a cup of great coffee.


cup of teaI’m picky when it comes to food but I’m also picky when it comes to beverages. I’m a coffee drinker who hates tea. I can drink it if it got milk and sugar in it. I can also drink ice tea but when it comes to the tea itself, I rather say no to it if offered. I can’t understand how people can drink that stuff. It tastes awful. People have different tastes. Some hate coffee so they drink tea instead. But I could never change. If that was the only drink left in the world, maybe then I would drink it but that would take a lot of preparing. I couldn’t drink it just like that.

Brits drink a lot of it and I feel really sorry for them. I cringe when I think about the taste of tea. Apparently, it’s healthier than coffee but I don’t care. I put milk and sugar in coffee so I don’t drink it straight up. Plain coffee is as awful as plain tea so both beverages have something in common. I choose taste to healthy. Even if I got paid to drink tea, I still wouldn’t do it. I’m always gonna be a coffee person. I don’t hate tea, I despise it. If people choose tea over coffee, that’s their business. But never try to offer me tea because I won’t drink it. Tea is like alcohol, I don’t like the taste and I never will.