cup of teaI’m picky when it comes to food but I’m also picky when it comes to beverages. I’m a coffee drinker who hates tea. I can drink it if it got milk and sugar in it. I can also drink ice tea but when it comes to the tea itself, I rather say no to it if offered. I can’t understand how people can drink that stuff. It tastes awful. People have different tastes. Some hate coffee so they drink tea instead. But I could never change. If that was the only drink left in the world, maybe then I would drink it but that would take a lot of preparing. I couldn’t drink it just like that.

Brits drink a lot of it and I feel really sorry for them. I cringe when I think about the taste of tea. Apparently, it’s healthier than coffee but I don’t care. I put milk and sugar in coffee so I don’t drink it straight up. Plain coffee is as awful as plain tea so both beverages have something in common. I choose taste to healthy. Even if I got paid to drink tea, I still wouldn’t do it. I’m always gonna be a coffee person. I don’t hate tea, I despise it. If people choose tea over coffee, that’s their business. But never try to offer me tea because I won’t drink it. Tea is like alcohol, I don’t like the taste and I never will.



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