You will be the death of me

DisastrousYou will be the death of me

You wouldn’t realise what you’re doing to me

With your bright eyes and sexy smile, it can get disastrous

Every time I see you I get weak

I think about you when I wake up and at night

You will be the death of me and I can’t help it

Your voice is music to my ears and I could hear you talk all day

You found my weakness and you don’t even know it

I keep insane because I know it’s only a fantasy

I should get a life but it’s easier to dream

It doesn’t matter what you do or who you see

I can’t get over how good you are as a person

You can hate me and push me away but I still wouldn’t let go

You will be the death of me and all you have to do is nothing

You got a hold on me and I know our paths will never meet

I don’t know why I keep torturing myself with this dream

You’re so hot in so many ways it hurts inside

You will be the death of me and I blame you

I want this feeling to go away but it’s difficult to hate you

Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t make me feel this way

But without that feeling, I would just be an empty shell