Your chatter doesn’t matter


One of the reasons why I dislike public transport in long distances is the chatter other people make. When I travelled to school, I had to take the bus. I had my tablet with me so I could listen to music but once I forgot it at home. I had to listen to other people’s conversations. I was bored out of my mind by hearing their constant jangle. Why do people have the urge to keep talking? If you got nothing interesting to say than don’t say anything at all. Even worse are those people who talk on their mobiles. The whole trip you have to listen to their nonsense. It should be illegal to talk on the mobiles when other people are around. In a bus, you can’t get away from these chatterboxes. I’ve got sensitive ears and even the slightest noise disturbs me. You can’t really say to these talking people to stop talking because then they get upset. People should really respect other people but these days it’s not obvious for some.

Being social seems to mean, talking a lot. For me, that’s not being social. It only means you love your voice so much, you have to keep talking. You can still be social if you don’t talk much. I’ve been told I’m not social enough. What does that mean anyway? I don’t waste time talking whatever comes to mind. I only say something if the subject interests me. I’m not deaf or mute. I observe and follow conversations. I don’t drift away if someone is talking. Especially extroverted people think if you don’t say anything, then you’re not social. Talkative people should try observing their surroundings. It’s OK to be silent for a while. You don’t have to be like a headless hen who can’t stand still for a moment. Too much noise is stressful.

Some people talk only because of talking so they talk a lot of rubbish. No one seems to have decent conversations where you actually have something to say. Then there are people who talk about things they don’t know about. They think they know so they try to convince you that they are right. But that only makes them look foolish. You see that a lot online. They can even go as far as insulting a person. People like that have no respect for different opinions so they argue. There’s no right or wrong, only opinions. When you write things online only because you want to make a mark, then why waste time in the first place. You should think before writing anything. That goes the same with talking. If everyone could think before speaking, then a lot of nonsense would be avoided.