You make me want to scream

boy screaming into a mic
Made in Canva

My dad says with a scream you don’t accomplish anything. But sometimes you have to let it out. At least it makes me feel better.  But mostly I scream internally. There so much injustice in the world and people with no common sense. You can’t carry all the problems on your shoulders though. You need to concentrate on your own life. There has always been and always will be idiots in the world. All you can do is not being one. Think with your own head because that what it’s for.

A lot of things annoy me and sometimes I can’t control my temper. I try no to be too upset because there are things you just have to accept. When I was younger a lot of things got to me but I’ve learned to look on things differently. It’s really a waste of energy to take things personally. Some people’s behaviour makes me want to scream though. Easy things are difficult for some. Like throwing lit in the bin or park their car between the lines. I wonder how this kind of people can sleep at night. Idiots don’t know they’re idiots so that must be it. Maybe people like that take away jobs from other people who does have something in their heads.

Not only people can be stupid or simple-minded. But also these Bots on the internet. Or whatever give stupid or weird suggestions on different platforms. One of these is job search places like LinkedIn. Like this “do you know this person?” No, I don’t, idiot. Just because people you follow there know them it doesn’t mean I do. I get so annoyed with the whole thing and you can’t even make it stop. Then LinkedIn suggests jobs I haven’t even studied. Not only there but on the e-services on the unemployment centre’s website as well. I look for a job in web or graphic design and not in sales or any other job. It’s not even worth screaming for. More about eye-rolling than a scream. I’m not qualified for any of the suggested jobs so there is no point applying.

Everything is so fake these days. You have to be an attention seeker to get anything. Posting about your life on Instagram or any other social media place is the only way to go. “No ugly people allowed” kind of attitude. Even a job search is a fashion show. Only the most outgoing and ‘in your face’ people get a chance. “Look at me, look at me” promotion. Want to start your own business? Show yourself and ‘open sesame’ Maybe not quite like that but I hope you know what I mean. Things are so shallow today. A lot of people want that sparkling personality in their company. But what if you’re nothing like that. Then you’re discriminated and left in the corner. The work world shouldn’t work like it does now. People get burn-outs because of work overload and the other part have none job at all. Job search really is unfair and that makes me want to scream the most.

Giving people a sobriquet is fun

my name is tag

I’ve never had a sobriquet because my first name is short. I had a nickname before my parents gave me a name but that’s about it. I don’t really mind. I prefer giving people a sobriquet but I don’t tell them of course. What’s the fun in that? It’s usually to neighbours who annoy me. Or people in general who act idiotically and those are everywhere. The sobriquets are not very nice but people like that don’t deserve better. It’s never anything personal. If it was someone I know, it would only be nice ones. People should really think before they act so they don’t need to be called names. I guess that’s too much to ask.

What I call people isn’t really rude. Since it’s only for myself, no harm is done. I wouldn’t go and say things to peoples faces. To smokers, for example, I call them chimneys or cancer stick suckers but it’s really their addiction and not mine. They can smoke themselves to death as long as I can breathe clean air. They annoy me the most when they pollute my air. Some smokers seem to think they can do what they want. They can even smoke in front of their children which I’ve seen a couple of times lately. They must really have small brains (pea-brains) if they think it won’t affect others. Second-hand smoking is the worse and it’s also bad for pets. I feel sorry for those who are close to smokers and even more those who are slaves of tobacco. They also must have tar legs because they can’t move away from doors or their balconies. I don’t think they even realise themselves that they are addicted to the stuff. There are ways to quit but they find all the excuses in the book not to. Nothing is easy but if you don’t even try, you’re just lazy.

People not having common sense is a good victim for me. People who don’t understand there are other people around. You see that the most when you live in a department building. They slam their front door no matter what hour. Door slammers I call them. Then people who put the light on when it midday, Light switchers. The worst are they once who can’t manage something simple. They can’t close doors or gates. There is a Finnish word for it but not so much in English. It’s ‘uusavuton’ It’s a person who isn’t incapable of doing anything because of excessive pampering. I wonder how people like that survive this life. You can’t wait for other people to do things for you. If you can’t even put garbage in a bin, you really need help and fast. It seems to be difficult to be organised too. You see that in recycling. People throw their cardboard in the bin without breaking them first and then they think the box is full. How lazy and helpless can people be? I could name a lot of things people do wrong but I don’t want to be a complainer. I’m just gonna make up sobriquets for my own amusement. I’m weird like that.