Bloganuary: Lost treasure

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Bloganuary: What is a treasure that’s been lost?

A treasure that is lost is common sense and the consideration of others. It seems that selfishness is growing in the world. People don’t care about other people’s feelings. They do things that suit them. If there are rules to go by, they have no respect for them. The rules are not made up for fun; they’re made to make people feel comfortable and safe. Take house rules, for example. There are rules in high-rise buildings when you can’t make noise after 10 pm, which means the whole week. But yet, some people play music or talk out loud after 10 pm, no matter what time of the week. Try to sleep in that noise. You don’t want loud neighbours to spoil your living. You have the right to feel at home at your own home. As a kid, I stopped playing music after 10 pm, which was everyday living. But now it seems that it doesn’t matter what time it is. People don’t care about other people. If you can’t sleep, you still have no right to have loud noises. You need to take your neighbours into consideration no matter what kind of lifestyle you have. If you can’t obey house rules, then maybe you shouldn’t live in a place with other people around.

Common sense is a difficult thing for some people. Certain people have no respect for people’s property. If something new has been built, it won’t take long before some idiot has spraypainted on it with some ugly scrabbling. The same goes for something that has been repainted. It’s some kind of obsession or sickness these people have that they have to spoil things with paint. It costs money to take graffiti off or whatever scribble it is. It must be challenging to think about other people’s feelings. It’s common sense to have empathy towards others. That’s a lost treasure these days. I think the reason is modern technology. It has made people selfish. It’s supposed to be a tool, not something that boosts your ego. If we lived when there were none of that, those people obsessed with technology couldn’t manage. I’m glad I grew up in a world where there were no internet and no mobiles. Life wasn’t the way it is now. Then people had brains to think with. It’s sad how kids today have no imagination when it comes to making up things to do. They need adults to tell them what to do. It’s not their fault. It’s just the way the world works. Kids are not given a chance when their parents give them mobile at a young age and leave them to their own luck. People are no longer allowed to think, and that’s a shame.

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