Bloganuary: Earliest memory

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My earliest memory seems to have happened when I was 3 years old, but the more I think about it, I think that maybe I was older than that. It could also be I was 3, so I say that. My mother took my sister and me to the movies. We saw ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, the animated version from 1937. I remember how scary the forest scene was when the hunter chased Snow White. I’ve seen that movie later on, and for a 3-year-old, it can be scary. I couldn’t watch any disgusting things after that. I can’t watch scary movies, and I look away if there are scary parts in movies. Because of that, I have never watched the music video ‘Thriller’ to the end. If you know what Freddie Kruger looks like, you know what I mean by disgusting.

I have some images in my head about my earliest memory of when I was 3. I was riding my 3-wheeler, which was my first bike. I still have it. Maybe I’ve seen a video of it riding it. Or I have it as one of my first memories. It’s going to the movies I count as a first one.

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