Bloganuary: Dull family tree

I’ve never done any family tree research. I haven’t had any contact with my relatives. My family tree is dull; that’s what I know. The relatives on my mother’s side were mostly money hungry and full of themselves. The relatives on my father’s side are better. About three years ago (or 4), I found out I have a cousin. She’s the only one I have any contact with. My cousin also has a sister, but she lives with her family in another city. My dad has a half-sister that he sometimes calls. She’s over 90 years old. It’s been a while since we met last. It was mostly because of covid.

That’s how far back my family tree can go, to the present. But I have photos of a tree. Enjoy the pictures of the tree in the front yard of my dad’s building. It was supposed to be taken down, but they haven’t yet.