Stop killing dolphins and small whales in Tajij!

Featured Image -- 823If no one speaks out for dolphins and small whales, who will. Luckily there are people who do care what happens in Taiji. I’ve written about this subject before so I won’t get into that more than I have. I let you read my older posts about it. Please have a heart.

In the mind of a dolphin kidnapper

One Line Sunday-Slaughtering

Stop Killing Dolphins in Taiji

Divide and conquer is still happening in Taiji

Instead of caring about celebrities love lives, how about caring about real issues. Like slaughtering innocent animals. Celebrities will never be extinct but dolphins might. Some might say “well, we kill cows and other farm animals” But you can’t really compare. That’s also a totally different subject which people can keep disagreeing with. Dolphins are not meant for food or entertainment. They are wild animals and they should remain wild. Unfortunately humans keep using them for profit to feed their own greed. This needs to stop!


Divide and conquer is still happening in Taiji

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There are people who try to control other people. They put you down and try to make you feel like a failed human being. These people have no respect for others. Divine and conquer is their priority. The same goes with the dolphin hunters in Taiji, Japan. It seems that their goal is to kill all the dolphins in the sea so they become extinct. A total devastation and all because of greed. This “culture” is old-fashioned and should be banned for life. These mammals belongs to the sea. Their job is not entertaining people. They are not supposed to be taught tricks and live in small tanks. All sea worlds and dolphinariums should be shut down. Swimming with dolphins is also a bad idea. They’re sensitive and they’re not happy being captured. Dolphins are very smart and social animals so they belong to their own kind where they can be free. Humans are the most cruel creatures in the world and just because we’re on top of the food chain, we think we can control the world.
I’ve also been guilty of going to a show when I was a kid when there was one here in Finland. It got closed down last year and the dolphins moved to another place. They were taken from the ocean in Gulf of Mexico in 1984. They were the same species as the ones in Taiji, bottlenose dolphins. If I was a kid now, I would totally be against it. Some peoples attitudes have changed but there’s always someone who doesn’t know or care.

What they are doing to the dolphins in Taiji, is hunting them to the cove and literally tiring them down. There’s a lot of juveniles in the pod, fighting for their lives. This is not acceptable. The hunting season is too long. I can’t believe someone would want to do such job in the first place. As long as people accept this and buy tickets to the shows, it will continue. If dolphins were dangerous and there were too many of them, it could be more accepting but even then it would be wrong. They almost like humans and they feel like we do. Dolphins who lives in captivity doesn’t live as long as the ones in the wild. Stress kills them. They should eat fresh fish and not dead ones like they do in marine parks and such. They’re also hunted for food. I can’t understand that. The meat is unhealthy and contains a lot of mercury. The reason wild animals can injure humans is when they’re being threaten. You would too if someone attacked you. But these dolphins haven’t hurt any humans and yet they’re been hunted like they have.

Dolphins are not the only wild animals, humans try to destroy though. Take elephants for example. Another animal with a smart brain. Humans hunt them to make a profit. It’s an evil circle where people only want to make a big buck without even thinking about the consequences. At this rate, there will be less dolphins in the sea and in the world. You think you can’t do anything about this problem but you can. Don’t go to SeaWorld or marine parks. Join an organisation like Sea Shepard or donate money to charities. You can also become a volunteer. Spreading awareness is the way to go. You can follow the happenings in Taiji through Cove Guardians Twitter and/or Facebook. Beware there can be photos and videos that can shock sensitive persons. But it will also make you think. If you don’t want to join then at least care at least a little what’s going on.

In the mind of a dolphin kidnapper

I’m a fisherman from Taiji in Japan. My whole life is about fishing. It’s my livelihood. Without it, I can’t support my family. There are no other options then fishing. Since there’s not much money involved in fishing fish, I hunt white-sided dolphins and smaller whales. It’s part of our culture. It’s been in our generation for decades. It brings a lot of money to the families and to the the country. We toss the dolphins into skiffs. They weight about 400 lbs so it takes a few of us to toss them into smaller ones. Part of our captures are sold to marine parks for entertainment purposes and other part for food to different restaurants. Some people sees us as barbarians but for us it’s just natural. Animals are killed everyday for food so why not us. It’s just part of our job. Some of the dolphins can get hurt but that’s something we can’t avoid. When the day is over, I get home to my family with a good conscience.

That was the part of this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge Being a fan of dolphins, it really saddens me what they are doing in Taiji. So what if it’s part of Japanese culture. This is 21st century, not the dark ages. Who knows what they’re really thinking. If not at all. It’s all about greed and money.