Stop killing dolphins and small whales in Tajij!

Featured Image -- 823If no one speaks out for dolphins and small whales, who will. Luckily there are people who do care what happens in Taiji. I’ve written about this subject before so I won’t get into that more than I have. I let you read my older posts about it. Please have a heart.

In the mind of a dolphin kidnapper

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Stop Killing Dolphins in Taiji

Divide and conquer is still happening in Taiji

Instead of caring about celebrities love lives, how about caring about real issues. Like slaughtering innocent animals. Celebrities will never be extinct but dolphins might. Some might say “well, we kill cows and other farm animals” But you can’t really compare. That’s also a totally different subject which people can keep disagreeing with. Dolphins are not meant for food or entertainment. They are wild animals and they should remain wild. Unfortunately humans keep using them for profit to feed their own greed. This needs to stop!


5 thoughts on “Stop killing dolphins and small whales in Tajij!

  1. Reading your plea for us to pay more attention to caring for the beautiful life around us reminded me of this story I read just last night here in Australia. We have a commissioner for threatened species and he took a similar angle to yours. I hope you get encouragement and hope from seeing your voice is in great company. Plus, the sound of the night parrot was so lovely to listen to. I really liked the effectiveness of how they gave people something to hear and something practical to do:

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      1. Dispair and disbelief – wanting hope that we could actually trust people to act with respect and care for all life?

        I certainly see a long history of that destruction of life – although I am guessing it is motivated by not so much as wanting to destroy beauty but the belief that this is the ‘only way’ to make a living, feed family, be successful, keep ‘good people’in government etc.what do you think some of the core beliefs might be?


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