Stop killing dolphins and small whales in Tajij!

Featured Image -- 823If no one speaks out for dolphins and small whales, who will. Luckily there are people who do care what happens in Taiji. I’ve written about this subject before so I won’t get into that more than I have. I let you read my older posts about it. Please have a heart.

In the mind of a dolphin kidnapper

One Line Sunday-Slaughtering

Stop Killing Dolphins in Taiji

Divide and conquer is still happening in Taiji

Instead of caring about celebrities love lives, how about caring about real issues. Like slaughtering innocent animals. Celebrities will never be extinct but dolphins might. Some might say “well, we kill cows and other farm animals” But you can’t really compare. That’s also a totally different subject which people can keep disagreeing with. Dolphins are not meant for food or entertainment. They are wild animals and they should remain wild. Unfortunately humans keep using them for profit to feed their own greed. This needs to stop!


I’m listening

frasier listening

The Dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.

People never listen. Especially extroverts. They keep talking so much you would think they love their own voice. It’s a skill to know how to listen. I’m very good at it. That’s my superpower. I may not be good at giving advice but I can listen. Introverts in general are good listeners. I’m not into chit-chat. I rather be quiet than talk nonsense. People who doesn’t know me think I’m always quiet, even at home. But at home I’m a totally different person. There you can be yourself completely. I say what I think and when I get angry, you don’t want to be around. Other times I’m a calm person and I don’t make a lot of noise of myself. When you’re around people you must have a cool head. If you start to act like a crazy person, people look strangely at you.

I’m no expert on relationship but if you don’t listen to what the other person is saying, it will cause problems. People should talk more to each other and not take things for granted. No one is a mind reader. It’s no wonder there are divorces and break-ups because people doesn’t talk about their problems. Listening to others solves a lot of things. If you really listen to others, you learn something and you understand the other person a bit better. Interrupting someone is not only rude but it makes the person feel like they don’t want to be heard.

You think introverts doesn’t pay attention when their doing something else. I don’t know about others but I’m good in multitasking, I can both concentrate and listen at the same time. Someone could have a conversation and they think I might not be listening but I actually am. You can learn a lot from listening to conversations even if it’s unintentionally. Sometimes people talk about things you don’t want to hear which makes listening disturbing. Especially in public transport. Who wants to listen to how drunk they were at the weekend or what kind of decease some have? That kind of talk should be talked about somewhere else. They think no one is listening. Sometimes though listening can be amusing. It’s mostly ridiculous things people talk about.

The superpower of listening is both a blessing and a curse. I would rather be listening than keep on talking though. Conversations should make sense and not a reason to talk like some people practise. There are those who think silence is awkward but if everyone kept talking, there wouldn’t be anything else but noise. Listening is a skill that anyone can learn but for some it’s a natural thing.





In the year 2016 (part 2)


Let’s go to part one of this retrospective. Read part one here.

Another quiet month. Must have been the summer and also my trip to St. Petersburg. It was also one of those lazy months when the heat kicks in and you feel out of focus. One Line Sunday was on at least. I was a lot in my mind palace. Writing fan fiction is the reason most of the time.
I applied to a school to study web design and my main concern was how to get passed the interview. Things I know now.

Most popular post: One Line Sunday- Time

If July was quiet on this blog then this month it really was. Beside the One Line Sunday my motivation was indeed low. The only thing I posted was about the new muse that I found. Damn that Tom Hiddleston and The night manager TV series. The Olympics was also the reason why I didn’t blog much.
Something good did happen and that was I got in to the web design education I applied to. Yay me.

Most popular post: A muse who doesn’t know it

It when hell broke loose. Living in the dorm that is. Studying new things are nice but when the school day is over, the free time is nothing but silent. What’s worse is that, the internet in the dorm is so slow, blogging is a pain. I did start a new blog about my studies though.
I tried daily inspiration but I failed even if I did write something. One of them was about my expensive bucket list.

Most popular post: Enjoy the silence

Now this was busy month in my blog. I got soaking wet from standing in the rain while waiting for the bus to get home. I went to the dentist twice in a week because my teeth are breaking in pieces.
I’ve realized a lot in my life and now I realized web design is not as easy as I thought it was. I should keep calm about the matter but I’m hating myself for not learning. Am I slow or plain stupid, are thing going through my mind.
Writing and especially fan fiction takes my mind out of troubles.

Most popular post: When I realized

I learned some new English words and put them in good use in my blog posts. Words like, Elicit, Sated and Hyperbole. Then I took a chance and bought a ticket to see Robbie Williams next year.
Wrote some more poems and more about Finnish culture. I got a bit too excited when I saw the traffic on my blog but it was actually my visits when I wasn’t logged in.
One of my favorite Formula One drivers, Nico Rosberg became champion and then about a week later he announces his retirement. I didn’t write about the latter in the blog though.
I ended the month with a list with likes and dislikes. In other words, the naughty and nice list.

Most popular post: Filthy mind

Advent calendar in a blog wasn’t a bad idea. I got write every day which was an achievement in itself. It had poems, Finnish Christmas traditions and photos I’ve taken. Not forgetting One Line Sunday. I also wrote my 500th post this month. I had a client I had to make a website for but I still had time to do some blogging. When the on the job learning was over, there was still a week left of school which I passed. There was snow when I left and when I came home, it melted all away again.
This was also the month when my mother passed away 3 years ago.
Christmas time is a time to relax and we relaxed by traveling to Riga. Unfortunately good things come to an end and the news about George Michael’s death was unfortunate. If that wasn’t enough. Carrie Fisher passed away as well.
Even if there’s still time to post on this blog this year, I think this is the last one.
So thank you for reading and for the follows. Have a happy new year everyone and see you next year.

Most popular post: Advent Calendar, Day 9