Simply irresistible

cream cake

Simple irresistible

I thought I wouldn’t but I did

I shouldn’t have but I got myself to blame

You’re simple irresistible

It makes me mad inside

I can’t get you out of my mind

You appear in my dreams

I tell you to leave me alone

But you’re simple irresistible

I look at you and realize I can’t have you

If I did, I would never leave

I want to close my eyes when you speak

But I can’t resist to look

You’re simply irresistible and I have to

You’re sweet as a cake and I’m not faking it

If you only knew how bad I want to know you

There’s no one like you, I know I tried

I rather be alone than find someone else

You’re simply irresistible and somewhat fictional

Maybe we meet in the next life time or we may not

I wish it was now but you’re too irresistible