Love the sound of his voice


There is something about someone voice that can make you go gaga, unf, whoa or whatever word you prefer. It’s difficult to write a sound in words in any language. How do you describe someone ones voice for example. I don’t know how to do it. If I search for words online, it still doesn’t describe it perfectly. You can have a high voice or a low one but you can’t write that all the time. It isn’t right. As a fiction writer, writing about sound is a really challenging task for me. It’s not my favorite thing to do so I rather not write something I know I can’t. Especially trying to describe the sound of a persons voice to a person who’s never heard it. Getting words out of your head to paper sometimes feels like constipation. No matter how hard you think, you just can’t get it out. Sorry for the disgusting description but that’s how it feels like.

You can either like the sound of someone singing voice or the way they talk. Sometimes the voice and the look of a person doesn’t match. There are people’s voices I don’t like. They might sound sexy or suiting but their looks are nothing special. Not forgetting their personality. Looks has nothing to do with it but I wouldn’t want to listen to them all my life. When you listen to the radio you don’t know how the DJ looks like so you get your own image in your mind. If you see them in real life, you either get disappointed or glad you really did imagine it right. You would think people who talk too much, love their voices. Why would they keep talking, if they didn’t. Sometimes radio DJ’s talk too much instead of playing music. That must be the reason why they work in radio, love of the sound of their own voices.

A singing voice and a talking voice can sound different but sometimes you can imagine how someone singing voice is like. If they can sing at all, is a different matter. I’ve never heard James Blunt talk but I don’t think he sounds like the way he sings. A singing voice can be changed during a song. That’s what Michael Jackson did best. He could both sing high and low. Even Mariah Carey can use her voice in different scales. I like male singers the best. There are all so different so I wouldn’t know who’s singing voices I like the best. Something that sound pleasant in my ears. I can say James Blunt is not one of them. I can’t stand it. As soon I hear his music on the radio, I change the channel. Any male artist that sing like a girl, is not my cup of tea. Singing in scale is different but if you sing in falsetto all the time and you’re male, then no thank you.

As a female I pay attention to male voices and it’s just a bonus if they talk in accent. I’ve listened to this guy’s audio’s (won’t say what kind nor his name) and what he does to me with his voice, its uncanny. Not even Tom Hiddleston’s or Lee Pace’s voices has had the same effect on me. Maybe because you never hear them talk other times than in interviews and things like that. It’s not about how you say it, it’s about what you say. They could read the TV guide and I still would feel weak. The same with the guy. I don’t know how he looks like which is the general idea with these audio’s. They’re all positive and the point is for people to feel good no matter what or who they are. If only men in general would know how to treat others with the same respect like he does. Good men really are hard to find. Even harder someone with a pleasant voice.

I wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with someone by only hearing the sound of their voice? Fall in love with a voice can happen but falling in love with the person, I don’t know. A voice can deceive too. It’s the personality that counts in the end and how people treat you. Either way, the sound of someone’s voice is matter of taste and we can’t argue about that, can we?