Summer bloom in Finland

white evergreen rose
White Evergreen Rose by ©Mia Salminen

Summer is coming to Finland or it’s actually here already. Today (May 26) it was over 20 celsius outside. People wearing shorts but they probably would anyway even if it wasn’t. Brave little folks, they are. The most irritating thing about this summer talk is the media bragging about how hot it’s gonna get soon. Well, I don’t want it and it’s not lovely at all. You can shove it up there with your heat records. I hate the word ‘helle‘, which means ‘heat‘ in Finnish. Every year it’s the same praising like that’s something new. There has always been warm weather here at this time of year. Maybe people forget so they need a reminder. I rather not hear about it, thank you very much.

Summer has it’s downsides but also good things. One of them is a bloom in a lot of places. Flowers, plants or whatever you want to call it. Also, there will be leaves on the trees so when it’s hot, there are shadows where you can go under. Summer used to be my favourite season but not so much anymore. When you’re a kid, things are different. At least you don’t have to feel cold. Summers would be nice if it wasn’t hot and the media wouldn’t go on about how lovely it is. If it rained all summer I wouldn’t care. I would welcome it. Without water, there wouldn’t be any blooms anywhere so people should stop being so morose when it rains.

Next week it’s my birthday (June 2) so after that, the Autumn can come. Nothing would matter after that. This summer will be different though because then I’ll be in my part-time job. If and when I go back next week. Then there is the 2 week summer holiday which I never had. Except in school but that was different then. I’ve been in a job in summer before but then that wasn’t a paid job. Holidays are just a time when you don’t have to go to work. It’s like being unemployed but you get paid for it. There won’t be much travelling this summer anyway. It would be nice to go somewhere but this summer you can’t. I wouldn’t even want to as long as the coronavirus is going on. It’s better to stay home than get infected. Either way, there will be a bloom everywhere that will keep our spirits up.

IBQ Writing Prompt: Garden

Was thinking about this song when I saw this week’s IBQ Prompt.

I always lived in a flat so I never had a garden. I just think digging in dirt is creepy and I dislike worms. Just bugs in general. My mother was keen on planting flowers and taking care of them. There’s a lot of flowers on our flower table at home. Now when she’s gone, I have to take care of them. I’ve only watered them and I’ve never changed soil on them. It’s not really appealing to me to do so either. Plants in pots is where I draw the line. Other touching dirt things is out of the questions. Just the thought of worms gives me chills.
The cemetery was our garden. My mother planted flowers on the small spot on front of our family grave almost every year. She also planted a plant on the yard of our building once.

I like gardens in general. I’m impressed how some people have beautiful gardens with a lots of different flowers and plants. We have a botanical garden outside the city. They have big greenhouses and an outdoor garden where you can walk around for free. Looking at gardens are more my thing. And who doesn’t want to look at beautiful things.

Why do they leave kidneyworts laying around

kidneywort (sinivuokko in Finnish)

When you see flowers like these, you know the summer is closer. If I only had the camera with me, damn. Mobiles pics are not the best quality. Typical, isn’t it? When you don’t have the camera with you, then you don’t need it but when you need it, you don’t have it. Kudos to those people who can drag their cameras with them wherever they go.