IBQ Writing Prompt: Garden

Was thinking about this song when I saw this week’s IBQ Prompt.

I always lived in a flat so I never had a garden. I just think digging in dirt is creepy and I dislike worms. Just bugs in general. My mother was keen on planting flowers and taking care of them. There’s a lot of flowers on our flower table at home. Now when she’s gone, I have to take care of them. I’ve only watered them and I’ve never changed soil on them. It’s not really appealing to me to do so either. Plants in pots is where I draw the line. Other touching dirt things is out of the questions. Just the thought of worms gives me chills.
The cemetery was our garden. My mother planted flowers on the small spot on front of our family grave almost every year. She also planted a plant on the yard of our building once.

I like gardens in general. I’m impressed how some people have beautiful gardens with a lots of different flowers and plants. We have a botanical garden outside the city. They have big greenhouses and an outdoor garden where you can walk around for free. Looking at gardens are more my thing. And who doesn’t want to look at beautiful things.

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