Followers or friends?


I have a “few” followers on Twitter and Facebook (on my blogs as well but that’s another matter) Most of them I “met” from F1 forums for females. But are they just followers or are they friends?! I’ve never met any of them so I don’t know them personally. I don’t talk to them either. And they don’t confide in me. So they must be followers only.

What is friendship anyway?! I know what they are like and know what they do. But can I call them friends?! The only thing I have in common with them is Formula One. I could call them fellow fans. But then again I know things about them. If they were only fellow fans, I wouldn’t know much about them. They would just be random people. But since I don’t have friends that I talk to, face to face, I would call them friends.


The best thing about internet is that you can meet people from another country without having to go anywhere. Especially when you can’t afford it. And it’s much easier to find people on the internet when you don’t have to open your mouth. Since my social skills are not that great, internet is a good tool for people like me.


The question still is, are they followers or friends?! Lot of people “brag” about how many followers they’ve got. But I don’t care about “collecting” followers. I want to find friends that I have things in common with. It’s about quality not quantity.


So my answer to my question is, they are friends since I know something about them and their life. Those I know don’t know much about, they are followers.